Trouble at the big house and it’s not Kim Tate smashing things this time as the kids are not alright when Millie and Clemmie are at the center of the drama.

Millie and Clemmie clash as they struggle to adapt to their new family dynamic. Tension rises as Kim and Dawn argue over giving Mille her old room back. Dawn’s aghast when Kim states Clemmie might not be staying long term anyway.

After a difficult day, Dawn attempts to get Clemmie to open up and is enthusiastic when Clemmie shows interest in making her new room her own. She’s left increasingly frustrated Kim’s decision to swap bedrooms has set Clemmie back. Dawn worries about the upcoming visit from social services. Kim is left to think when it becomes clear there are too many children all under one roof.

When Gabby suggests she and Thomas move in with Bernice for a while, Kim’s riled knowing Clemmie is the real reason. Dawn’s anxious ahead of the visit from social services but soon Dawn beams at the news Clemmie is going to be staying.

However, rushing over to the sound of a scream, they’re horrified when it seems Clemmie has bitten Millie…

Emmerdale airs these scenes from Tuesday 20 September on ITV.