Beware any soap child named Bobby….

Monday 19th December

It’s Christmas Eve in the Hollyoaks village, Tony discovers a big box of presents and decides to play Santa and starts to distribute to their recipients.

Juliet has her first chemo session today, but she is still hiding the truth from her closest friends and family. Before her appointment, she heads to Romeo’s where, unaware of her diagnosis, he has a big surprise waiting for her…

Later, Juliet slips up to Nadira that she is due to be at the hospital but instead of telling her the truth she lies that her and Peri are giving it another go. At the hospital Juliet bumps into Peri where she tells her that Nadira and her are giving it another go.

Meanwhile Ethan heads to Sienna’s hoping for a bit of Christmas romance but instead is put to work wrapping Christmas presents with Joel. Soon enough an unwelcome Warren turns up hoping to spend time with the children but ends up falling into the tree and ruining the presents underneath, all witnessed by Sophie and Sebastian…

Tuesday 20th December

Christmas Day in Hollyoaks village, Nadira and Peri make it their mission to find out why Juliet is lying to them. But is Juliet ready to tell them the truth…?

Warren who has been sleeping on the garage floor bumps into a sick Juliet, he encourages her to reach out to the ones who love her to help her through, but will she listen to the village ‘gangster’.

Meanwhile Shaq bumps into Peri in the park, she invites him to Christmas dinner but he encourages her to tell Juliet how she really feels about her.

Later, Peri feeling rejected by Juliet heads to see Shaq…

Wednesday 21st December

James and Juliet are spending Christmas together, he talks about missing his mother and how important it is to have those people that love you around you.

Juliet finds Peri to explain what is really going on, before Juliet gets chance Nadira and Peri start having an argument in front of her in the middle of the village. Juliet blurts out that she has cancer…

Thursday 22nd December

Peri won’t accept Juliet’s diagnosis as truth and runs away, calling Juliet a liar.

Later, Juliet, with the support of James and Nadira, plans to tell her mum about her diagnosis at the Christmas table, but will she be able to do it…

Peri finds Juliet in the park, she apologises for the way she reacted to her news. Juliet explains to her that she’s scared.

Mercedes asks Felix to stay and play charades and join them for Christmas dinner. Bobby is unhappy about his mum’s new love interest as he watches them flirting.

Friday 23rd December

Bobby is attempting to warn off Felix as him and Mercedes get closer, but Felix is wise to his metaphors and thinks he has a way to handle him.

Later DeMarcus arrives with a present for Bobby, a Rubik’s cube. After Bobby completes the Rubik’s cube, Felix calls him ‘son’ and Bobby turns on him.

In all the commotion, Mercedes overcooks the turkey, so Felix heads to Price Slice for new provisions. Bobby follows him, and locks him in the storeroom, lighting a match and starting a fire… But unknown to Bobby, Felix has already gone back to the McQueen’s, and he’s locked DeMarcus in there instead!

Prince and Goldie comes across the fire and try to help DeMarcus

James heads round to see Ste, hoping for a Christmas kiss but Ste has other thoughts as he gives James a crafting gift…

Hollyoaks airs scenes w/c Monday 19th December on Channel 4