Tuesday 3rd January

The governors are visiting the school again, and Sally fears if this isn’t a success, it could have immense consequences…

Leah and Charlie berate Mason in class for his recent actions and end up getting detention. However, a prank leads to a governor slipping on hand sanitizer… Luckily, Beau saves the day with a lesson, and Charlie and Leah are in even more trouble…

Wednesday 4th January

At Hollyoaks High, It’s the first day of school for Shing Lin, whilst Charlie plans to take Mason down…

As punishment for their recent actions, Beau tells Charlie and Leah to film a video to teach students to respect each other, but they decide to film Mason having a meltdown instead.

Thursday 5th January

Things get awkward when Nancy walks in on Beau looking at an adult site….

Later, a suspicious Nancy searches Beau’s name online, and is shocked by what she finds…

Darren tells Cindy and Goldie he’s upset about Oscar walking to school on his own, struggling to let him go…

Friday 6th January

Nancy needs to be speak to Sally about Beau’s past, but gives him a chance to explain first. What secrets have been uncovered and what will Beau do?

Darren comes up with a cunning plan to keep an eye on Oscar’s first walk to school alone, as he enlists Tom, Cindy and Goldie’s help.

Later, he decides that it might be time he gets a job, and, after some thinking, settles on becoming a teacher – what will Nancy think of her husband’s career idea?

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Hollyoaks airs scenes w/c Tuesday 3rd January on Channel 4

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