Monday 23rd January

Peri encourages Juliet to come clean to her family about her recent test results. However, when Juliet calls for a family meeting, Donna-Marie gets the wrong end of the stick when she thinks the big news is that her and Peri are back together, so she throws a party.

Later, Peri admits to Juliet that she still cares, but they agree not to get back together. They arrange to meet at the Love Boat later, but Juliet is a no show when she visits Imran instead, and asks him to be her partner in crime.

Elsewhere, Yazz and Tom surprise Shaq with a slice of Paris for breakfast to convince him to go on the trip, but he doesn’t want to listen. Later, Shaq opens up to Misbah about how heart-breaking it is to be in the village with Verity.

Mason decides that he wants to go back to school, and his parents support him, but the happiness is short-lived when they find out someone has started a petition to get Mason out of the school.

Cindy befriends influencer Rayne and offers to be her next guest for a livestream, but as she offers viewers relationship advice, Lacey and Rayne are shocked to hear about her tumultuous relationship history.

Tuesday 24th January

After spending the day with Imran, Juliet returns home to a worried Donna-Marie and James.

Honour meets with Nancy after seeing posters in the village campaigning for Mason to be expelled from Hollyoaks High and Nancy encourages her to move forward.

Later, Honour suspects it was Ste who put the posters up.

Maxine tries to talk sense into Mason but he doesn’t listen.

Later, Eric finds out he’s getting a visitor tomorrow, Mason…

John Paul finds out that Mercedes is being held on remand somewhere and he can’t get in touch so he asks Felix to investigate. Later, after speaking to Zoe, Felix drops the bombshell to John Paul that she was released weeks ago, but where is she…

Wednesday 25th January

Dave catches Mason skipping school and is horrified to discover that Mason is planning on visiting Eric in prison. Later, Honour ambushes Eric by turning up to the visit instead of Mason, in the hopes he can give her the insight she needs to help her son.

Bobby is due for sentencing later this week, so John Paul and Felix ask James to hire a private investigator to find Mercedes. When John Paul is probed as to where she might be, he mentions a chippy she usually goes to. Felix later finds her there and convinces her to come home.

At the park, Maxine advises Mason to show his family how sorry he is and hopefully one day they can find it in their hearts to forgive him.

Later, at home with Serena on a video call, Mason assures his family he will prove to them how sorry he is, but can he be forgiven…

At prison, it quickly turns sour between Eric and Honour.

Juliet and Imran pinky promise each other to not give up on their journeys to recovery, as he returns to the treatment centre.

Scott is heartbroken when Vicky reveals that her mum is ready for her to move back in but Damon has an idea for her to cheer him up. Later, Vicky surprises Scott with a foster family tree, and then Damon comes in with an Anita Tinkle fashion show.

Thursday 26th January

Honour is suspended and fears she’s going to lose her job after she lost her temper during her meeting with Eric. Mason seeks legal advice from Maxine to see if he can save Honour’s job, and she promises to find a way to help her. Later, she tells the Chen-Williams they can sway the public opinion by organising a women’s rally.

Felix tries to get Mercedes to release her anger during a boxing session before Bobby’s sentencing as he tells her to take some responsibility and stop justifying what he did.

Meanwhile, John Paul convinces Goldie to attend Bobby’s court hearing, but she’s far from supportive…

Mercedes turns up to court just in time for Bobby’s verdict…

Juliet and Peri video call Imran in the clinic and are happy to see he’s made a friend, Justine, as the pair grow closer…

Vicky struggles to come clean to DeMarcus about the fact she’s leaving. However, he gets the wrong end of the stick and asks her to be his girlfriend…

At the park, Vicky finally comes clean to DeMarcus, and when she doesn’t agree that long distance could work they leave it on a sour note…

Friday 27th January

Mercedes has a shocking confession to make for Tony and Diane.

Pearl advises DeMarcus to talk to Vicky so they can work things out, so he asks for Scott’s help. Later, DeMarcus publicly tells Vicky how much she means to him, with Scott in a starring role…

Elsewhere, Maxine is organising a women’s rally, but Lizzie thinks her posters are too tame and wants to go with a bolder approach. She records a video on socials urges women to attend the rally, and Dave admits how proud he is of her.

Dave asks Tony and Diane to talk some sense into Eric so he doesn’t press charges against Honour…