Monday 30th January

Mothers’ Diane and Mercedes find common ground in wanting to protect their children.

Elsewhere, Maxine and Lizzie are promoting their march for safety, and Jack and Darren sign up to show their support. Diane offers Maxine The Dog as a venue for her rally meeting tomorrow.

DeMarcus and Vicky overhear Felix talking about how he doesn’t think their long-distance relationship is going to work out.

Tuesday 31st January

Tony and Diane are double booked at The Dog after forgetting the local vicar made a reservation for a private religious party, but Diane refuses to cancel on Maxine, so they plan to make it work.

However, Tony grows increasingly annoyed at the women’s rally group for being too loud.

Mercedes falls back into old habits as she turns to alcohol in a bid to distract herself from Bobby. She throws herself at Felix, but he doesn’t want to take advantage, and she ends up insulting him when he turns her down.

At school, when talk turns to what the students have planned for the future, DeMarcus looks down. Later, he opens up to Charlie about his worries of Vicky moving on. DeMarcus has an idea, he tells Vicky that he could move to Margate with her, but she’s not sure…

Wednesday 1st February

The women’s rally march is taking place today, but, before it starts, Maxine visits Tony to clear the air. However, Tony doesn’t want to go to the march, and he doesn’t want recovering Diane there either, but she’s fed up of being coddled so goes to the march without him.

With Damon offering the Love Boat as a new venue, the march is all set to start, but no one turns up on time… Just when Maxine thinks it’s a disaster, a crowd of people carrying placards appear, ready to start the protest. However, they are stopped in their tracks when PC Sam tells them they’ve had a noise compliant, and its not long before they realise it was Tony who made it…

Maxine decides to confront Tony first, but will she finally get through to him…

Charlie decides to throw the best party ever before they leave, and he convinces them to go camping in the woods tomorrow.

Thursday 2nd February

The teens, Charlie, Ella, Shing Lin, Vicky, DeMarcus, and Leah prepare for their camping trip, and start with getting alcohol and lying to their parents about where they’re going.

Darren doesn’t buy it when Charlie pretends to be sick but he manages to convince his dad to let him go camping.

Vicky is embarrassed when Leah notices condoms in her bag, which leads to an awkward conversation between her and DeMarcus, but are the teens ready to take the next step in their relationship?

When the bus is cancelled, Leah decides to steal her dad’s cleaning van instead, as Shing Lin offers to drive.

After they’re all set up, two older boys stumble upon the campsite and ask to join the party, offering weed in return for alcohol, and Leah convinces the group to let them stay.

When Nancy finds out the truth, she wants to interrupt the party and take Charlie home but Darren convinces her to let him have fun and tries to distract her with some alone time…

Later, disaster strikes at the campsite when the party gets out of control and Vicky collapses, and the parents, Scott, Ste and Felix, start to realise their children are missing…

Friday 3rd February

As the teens try to wake an unconscious Vicky up, Darren realises something is wrong after noticing his missed calls. Vicky’s rushed to hospital in critical condition.

Emotions are high in the Hollyoaks village as the parents try to figure out what happened at the campsite. Ste is heartbroken at Leah after she admits to taking weed off strangers and his screams at her in a fit of rage.

Elsewhere, Darren and Nancy are at a loss as to what they should do with their “troubled” son, as she blames Darren for letting him go camping in the first place.

Zara and Cindy interrogate Shing Lin and Ella, as the girls try to convince them they left when they realised the boys had drugs.

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