The Channel 4 soap has refreshed the opening sequence which establishes the regular characters within the show.

As well as arrivals the sequence signals exits for Jayden Fox (Bobby) Emily Burnett (Olivia) and Shaq Maalik (Omar Malik).

Jemma Donovan (Rayne), Annabelle Davis (Lacey), Izzie Yip (Shing Lin), Jon-Paul Bell (Beau) and Jonas Khan (Zain) feature in opening sequence with returning Theo Graham (Hunter)

The updated titles sees the friendships groups featuring (Pictures: Lime Pictures)

The opening credits see the addition of the teens friendship groups and the characters living in the house share, ran by landlord Tom Cunningham.

Pictures show new cast member Oscar Curtis (Lucas) has filmed his titles segment, but he will not feature in the opening sequence until he first appears on screen.

Oscar’s titles as Lucas have been filmed and will be shown when he first appears in March (Pictures: Lime Pictures)

Hollyoaks’ current title sequence was directed by Angelo Abela.

The refreshed opening titles will also see Glynis Barber (Norma) appear for the first time.

(All Pictures: Lime Pictures) Hollyoaks continues tonight on E4

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