Monday 20th February

  • Writer: Richard Burke
  • Director: Mingyu Lin

Wedding woes… When Grace visits Honour to tempt her into having her wedding reception at The Loft, she senses that the bride-to-be might be having doubts. Honour lets slip that this might be the case, and, when Dave questions her about it, she confesses the truth.

A child goes missing… Warren decides to trust Norma more, and in doing so he invites her to the park with the twins, but a case of mistaken identity causes Norma to leave Sophie unattended at the park, which results in her going missing. Sienna is furious to discover this

Warren collapses, claiming pain where the liver transplant occurred. At hospital, Peri delivers the terrifying news that his body might be rejecting the liver.

One-sided relationship… Ethan feels under appreciated by Sienna and doesn’t know whether she’s as into their relationship as he is, especially after she declines his offer of being his plus one for Honour and Dave’s wedding, in which Dave asked him to be his best man. Ethan confronts Sienna and they end up getting into an argument …

Tuesday 21st February

  • Writer: Thabo Mhlatshwa
  • Director: Mingyu Lin

Harbouring a secret… Norma confides in Misbah about feeling that Warren’s body rejecting her liver is a sign that her son doesn’t want her in his life. She also let’s slip that she’s been harbouring a huge secret from her son, and Misbah encourages her to come clean in order to rebuild their bond.

However, before she gets a chance to come clean, Warren surprises her with an apology after being convinced by Joel to let her back in his life. The happy family are finally on the same page.

Later, Norma warns Sienna that there’s nothing she wouldn’t do to protect her family…

Too much fun… A hyperactive Juliet wants to have fun at the park, but girlfriend Peri fears she’s not taking care of herself. Later, Peri comes up with a plan to surprise Juliet with her own mini festival, but James isn’t sure his sister will be impressed…

Ethan opens up to Sienna about feeling like a guest in her home, and Sienna tries to prove that she’s willing to compromise…

Relationship turmoil… A heated discussion between Dave and Honour makes her feelings clear. Lizzie walks in on the awkward conversation and Honour opens up to her about how she’s feeling, the future of Dave and Honour’s relationship is left unclear…

Wednesday 22nd February

  • Writer: Luke Delaney
  • Director: Mingyu Lin

Working overtime… All work no play at Hollyoaks High as teachers Nancy and Beau are called in during half term to help Sally with another inspection, and busy mum Nancy is reluctantly agrees to be the new head of student welfare, which involves making a full presentation for tomorrow… Later when she returns home, she’s far from pleased to be left with all the chores…

Julietfest… When Peri surprises Juliet with a mini festival in the park, and a plan to move in with her, Juliet is far from pleased… Later, Juliet opens up to her girlfriend about feeling like all the fuss is a constant reminder that she might not be around for much longer. Bumping into Brooke, who can relate to feeling fed up of people being too nice, the pair decide to do something fun…

Later, Peri discovers that Juliet is partying at The Loft with Rayne and Lacey. Juliet is far from pleased when Peri shows up and is hellbent on keeping the party going. Rayne continues to get content for her social media platforms but comforts Juliet when a piece of her hair falls out.

Peri calls Zoe for help in stopping her out-of-control girlfriend and, when a scuffle ensues, Juliet accidently hits Zoe, resulting in her being arrested for being drunk and disorderly.

Shacking up… Peri’s plan to move in with Juliet opens up a conversation between James and Ste about moving in together, but James ends up putting his foot in it by making it clear he’s not keen on the idea of moving into his house. Later, James has a change of heart, as he opens up to Ste about his struggles with facing the possibility of losing his sister, but not wanting to suffocate her anymore. Leela suggests they do a trial run and spend time at each other’s houses to figure out which one to officially move into.

Thursday 23rd February

  • Writer: Jayshree Patel
  • Director: Mingyu Lin

Family matters… Norma surprises Warren and Joel with a family portrait as she wants to strengthen their family unit, but wary Sienna tells Joel to keep an eye on her whilst she’s around the twins.

Later, Ethan convinces Sienna to let lose and enjoy the freedom of being kid-free instead of worrying about Warren’s parenting skills.

From bad to worse… At the police station, Zoe berates Juliet for her awful attitude as James tries to get through to his sister, meanwhile, Donna-Marie tells Peri that maybe its time they stop nursing Juliet and get on her wavelength instead.

Not taking Donna-Marie’s advice, Peri turns to Rayne and Lacey for advice and agrees to go along with Rayne’s plan…

In heart wrenching scenes, Juliet and Peri get involved in a heated argument in which Peri admits she’s terrified and Juliet starts cutting off her hair…

Busted… Shing Lin leads Charlie astray as the pair break into the empty school and mess around in the hall, playing the drums and singing, but they’re soon caught by Nancy and Sally, and Charlie is in a whole load of trouble…

Sabotage…. James is staying over at Ste’s house for a trial run to see if they would be happy living there, but Leah tries to sabotage it…

Friday 24th February

  • Writer: Lyn Papadopoulos
  • Director: Mingyu Lin

Mix up… Things are frosty at the Osbornes’ after recent events’ so Darren suggests that they go for a family dinner at The Dog after Nancy’s big presentation. At school, the presentation is going very well…

Later at The Dog, Nancy fumes at Charlie..

New look… Donna-Marie isn’t too keen on Leela’s couples work out idea, but the pair are suddenly stopped in their tracks when Juliet arrives with a new look having shaved her hair off.

New home… Leah is happy to arrive in the paradise that is James’ flat…

Youth club… DeMarcus is keeping busy as Vicky isn’t answering his calls. Meanwhile, an offer from Tony might mean that Felix has the right venue for his youth club.

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