Monday 27th February

  • Writer: Daniel Moulson
  • Director: Munir Malik

Donna-Marie isn’t too keen on participating in her singles night at the gym tonight, but will her daughter, Juliet’s words of wisdom convince her to have fun…

At the gym, Leela is flirting with Joel and accidently sets off the fire alarm. When the handsome firefighters arrive, they invite them to singles night. Later, sparks fly between Donna-Marie and a fireman, until a ghost from her past reveals how she used to make money.

After reading an article about a county lines gang, Scott tells Maxine that he suspects Charlie was involved in Vicky’s drug overdose. Meanwhile, after smoking cannabis, Charlie is trying to hide his intoxication from his family, whilst mum Nancy is doing her best to make it up to him.

Later, Charlie is confronted by Scott, and it goes from bad to worse. A paranoid Charlie doesn’t want to keep the secret anymore, but Leah refuses to come clean.

Felix and DeMarcus visit the potential new venue for the youth club, but a big investor seems to be interested in turning it into a new block of flats. Felix is defeated, but his son encourages him to keep fighting. When talking to Tony, he gets an idea, and enlists the counsellors help in scaring off the investor…

Tuesday 28th February

  • Writer: Karissa Hamilton-Bannis
  • Director: Munir Malik

As the investigation into Vicky’s spiking continues, a secret tip-off gives Sam and Zoe the evidence they need, and things aren’t looking good for Leah and Charlie when they’re taken into questioning…

Meanwhile, amongst Sally’s battle to save her job and the school, she offers some kind words to Leah and Charlie, unknowing that the governor is also listening, will this put her in good stead?

Elsewhere, things get heated between Darren and James as they clash over Charlie and Leah’s involvement in the spiking, prompting them to come to drastic measures…

Meanwhile, when Honour receives another visit from the police asking for details from the party, she decides to take matters into her own hands and arranges an emergency PTA meeting to get to the bottom of it all…

Elsewhere at the gym, Leela advertises for a new roommate and Donna-Marie discusses her most recent date with Greg, urging Leela to get back into the dating scene. But when Joel arrives looking for a room is this just the ticket Leela needs?

As the parents gather to discuss the investigation, things soon get heated as they point the blame at each other’s child. But this causes an emotional Scott to break up the group and reveal he was the tip off, after overhearing a conversation between Charlie and Leah.

As Darren and Nancy fight to defend Charlie they accidently reveal the whole story, have they sealed Charlie’s fate?

Later, in a meeting with the governor, Sally finally receives an answer on the future of her job, has she been able to turn things around?

Wednesday 1st March

  • Writer: Jane Wainwright
  • Director: Munir Malik

Sally updates Goldie on her recent sacking and reveals her plan to fight to get her job back as she worries about rent. However, Goldie doesn’t remain convinced it’ll work and decides to hatch a plan of her own.

Meanwhile at school, things turn hostile between Charlie, Leah, and DeMarcus, as he discovers their involvement in Vicky’s spiking. But a slip of the tongue from Leah leaves DeMarcus devastated…

A big decision looms over Nancy as she’s offered a new job position, but will she be up for the challenge as she struggles to manage her work-life balance?

Meanwhile, things get tense between Felix and Warren when Warren expresses his concern for his relationship with Mercedes. Will Felix’s relationship draw a wedge between the friends?

Later in the school playground, Goldie stages a protest alongside Hunter and Mercedes.

Thursday 2nd March

  • Writer: Alan Flanagan
  • Director: Munir Malik

Strapped for cash, the McQueens brainstorm ‘creative’ ways to make money. Up to her old tricks, Goldie digs out an old relic to help her with her scheme…

At the garage, Felix offers a gift to smooth things over with DeMarcus when he catches wind of his new relationship. When an upsetting discovery sets them back, a concerned DeMarcus turns to Warren for help, so Warren makes Mercedes an enticing offer…

As DeMarcus tries his hand at being a mechanic, a dodgy jack threatens to put his life on the line.

Elsewhere, the other villagers celebrate World Book Day and Rayne recruits Romeo to help her with a sponsored social post. Later, an outburst from Tom caught on camera proves to be exactly what she needed…

Later, caught red handed Rayne is forced to make a sincere confession and a gentle push from Lacey brings her and Romeo closer together…

Meanwhile, Sienna and Grace butt heads over whose child will win the costume contest, but who will come out on top?

Friday 3rd March

  • Writer: Daniel Alexis
  • Director: Munir Malik

In trying to protect a friendship by keeping a secret, Mercedes accidently reveals the truth to the wrong person…

Another of Goldie’s schemes seem to pay off as she sets up a lucrative pop-up shop, but when Prince flogs their goods to the wrong villager, mother and son are forced to take quick action to get it back…

Elsewhere, Romeo and Rayne prepare to do five dates in one day as per her ‘rules of engagement.’ Later, as things heat up between the pair, Rayne decides to break a few rules, but chilling scenes suggest something sinister could be brewing for the couple…

Meanwhile, Diane’s concern for Tony grows as he swaps sleep for productivity and tries to perfect his chicken soup recipe, but convinced that he’s got something on his mind, Diane coaxes Tony to open up and he makes a heart-breaking confession.

Hollyoaks airs on Channel 4 at 6:30pm and then on E4 at 7pm.