Monday 6th March

  • Writer: Joshua Halm
  • Director: Alan De Pellette

It’s the day of Eric’s hearing and Diane plans a get together with Maxine and Scott to cheer Tony up, but, when he fails to show up, a drunken Diane makes a shocking confession to Maxine…

Amid the fallout between Warren and Felix, Mercedes devises a plan to force the pair to make amends, but will it be successful?

After spending the night together, Romeo wants to confess his feelings to Rayne, but he’s not sure whether they are reciprocated.

After realising he may have contracted an STI, Romeo seeks advice from dad, James. However, his approach to the topic with Rayne lands him in hot water when he makes a false accusation.

Tuesday 7th March

  • Writer: Heather Robson
  • Director: Alan De Pellette

Sienna, Ethan and Warren butt heads over parenting, and Warren decides to teach Sebastian a controversial new skill… Unknowingly to Sienna and Ethan, Warren teaches Sebastian boxing so he can stick up for himself.

Things turn sour in the shared house when Romeo accuses Rayne of sleeping with his best friend…

Later, some new information makes Romeo realise that he’s got the wrong end of the stick. He has an apology to make to Rayne, but will she forgive him?

Romeo plans a romantic meal with Rayne to apologise…

Meanwhile, after convincing Romeo to wine and dine Rayne, Tony decides to take his own advice with Diane, but the romantic evening doesn’t quite go as planned…

Wednesday 8th March

  • Writer: Rebecca Ramsden
  • Director: Alan De Pellette

Tension brews between Warren and Sienna when she discovers Sebastian has been learning to box. Trying to fix things, Warren reminds his son to use his skills on those who deserve it, but his words come back to bite him when there’s an accident at the park and Sebastian pushes Dee Dee off the adventure playground…

As Tony continues with his internal battle, Darren encourages him to talk to a professional. Later, he lashes out and makes a bold decision to involve social services after threatening Warren who, luckily, leaves him with just a stern warning…

At the Maaliks, as the family gather belongings to take to Imran during their next visit, Misbah announces that the clinic are so delighted with his recovery progress that they can treat him as an outpatient, he’s coming home.

Later, Yazz is cleaning the house from head to toe, wanting to make it perfect for Imran’s return. The family are over the moon when Imran returns home, but Misbah warns Zain that this is the most crucial stage of Imran’s recovery, so they have to get it right.

At the Love Boat, Lizzie struggles to get a day off from work and Lacey seizes an opportunity to show off her impressive legal knowledge…

Meanwhile, Lacey has heaps of paperwork to do and her and Rayne butt heads over her priorities, but could some advice from Lizzie give Lacey a new perspective?

Despite his best efforts, Romeo struggles to fix things with Rayne…

Thursday 9th March

  • Writer: Colin O’Donnell
  • Director: Bim Ajadi

As Imran adjusts to life back at home, he feels his family are being overprotective. Feeling closer to his faith than ever, he’s shocked when Misbah suggests that he shouldn’t fast this Ramadan. In heart-warming scenes, Imran confides in Brooke, as the pair reminisce over the past.

Imran comes to the conclusion that he wants to be more independent, and Zain offers him some words of wisdom about his faith.

Sienna’s all nerves as social services arranges an official assessment for the twins’ safety. Determined to turn things around, a furious Warren pays Tony a visit. Later, the family puts on a united front to ensure the assessment goes smoothly, but a shocking discovery threatens the peace

A determined Romeo turns to Lacey for help in getting Rayne back with a tit for tat offer. Later, he’s all nerves as he sets up a grand romantic gesture, unique to his new flame, but will it be enough for a second chance?

Friday 10th March

  • Writer: Clare Sumi
  • Director: Bim Ajadi

Imran offers to help Rayne with a video idea but goes back on his word when she wants to film the content at the gym. Later, best friends Imran, Juliet and Brooke enjoy a game of soldiers in the park to celebrate his return. Some sincere advice from Juliet encourages Imran to be more honest with his new friends.

When a furious Sienna bans Warren from seeing the twins until the file against them is closed, Joel questions whether a normal family can exist with such a battered history. Later, a package for Norma reveals her surprising plans for her family’s future…

Meanwhile, Sienna makes a shattering discovery about who is to blame for ruining the social services visit…

Determined to tire Tony out, Diane plans a night on the town, but whilst getting ready, Tony falls asleep on the couch – will he finally get a good night’s sleep?

Hollyoaks airs on Channel 4 at 6:30pm and then on E4 at 7pm.