Monday 20th February

DAVID SEEKS COMFORT IN MARIA Aware that Daniel works at the STC, David asks him if he can find out how Max is coping. An STC officer, June, finds Max nursing facial  injuries. In the Rovers, David takes a call from June informing him of the attack on Max. Finding David drunk and alone in Victoria Garden, Maria’s sympathetic but when David leans in for a drunken kiss, Maria orders him to go home. David pays Alya a visit and Shona enters the restaurant. Shona assures David that from now on they face everything together. Maria tells Gary about David’s attempt to kiss her. Gary finds David and Shona in the Rovers. Shona’s mortified and hurries out. David tells Gary he was drunk and he deeply regrets it. David returns home and Shona tells David that she’s leaving him.

ALYA FEELS STABBED IN THE BACK ALYA FINDS COMFORT IN THE FAMILIAR Alya waves Zeedan off as he sets off for London. Alya comes face to face with Jayden, a client who’s accused of stabbing someone. Before Adam and Dee-Dee can stop her, Alya angrily describes exactly what it’s like to be stabbed. Ryan listens as Alya unburdens herself and suggests she should put it all down in her personal victim statement. At No.6, Ryan pulls Alya in for a hug and it soon turns into a passionate kiss.

STEPHEN TOPS CARLA UP Carla suggests she might return to work. Peter calls at the factory to pick up some files for Carla and explains that she hopes to be back in a few days. Stephen calls at the flat with the file for Carla and while her back is turned, spikes her glass of water with LSD. Carla starts to feel dizzy and disorientated. Peter tells Stephen he’s going to call the doctor.

ELSEWHERE His leg still causing him pain, Paul joins Dee-Dee in the kitchen and reveals that Billy kissed him but he can’t afford to get involved again as there are too many complications. Todd urges Paul to come clean to Billy about the assault on Mike. Daisy receives a voicemail from Justin explaining that he found her number on a delivery package.   

Wednesday 22nd February

ALYA GIVES MAX SOME HOME TRUTHS Over breakfast a downcast David admits to Gail that Shona’s left him. Daniel’s concerned to see Max’s bruises. Maria assures Shona that David’s drunken pass meant nothing, will it be enough to persuade Shona to give David another chance? Daniel asks Alya if she’d consider going to visit Max. Alya visits Max at the STC. Max explains to Alya how his life was a mess. Maria tells Gary that Len Cameron appears to have had a change of heart and has agreed to fund the refugee centre. Max calls David and asks him if he will visit tomorrow. As Alya reads out the victim impact statement she’s written for Blake’s sentencing hearing tomorrow, Yasmeen listens. David thanks Alya for taking the time to visit Max.  

JUSTIN GETS INSIDE DAISY’S HEAD Daisy switches her phone back on, only to be bombarded with a string of texts from Justin. Daisy dissolves into tears in Daniel’s arms. Daniel scrolls through Justin’s texts. Daniel asserts that they need to go to the police. Daisy shows PC Scott the recent texts from Justin. PC Scott plays it down. Daisy returns home and is horrified to see that PC Scott has liked all her holiday snaps.  

SPIDER WARILY RETURNS TO GRIFF’S WEB Spider visits Griff in prison and agrees to get his sentence reduced if he reveals where the funding came from. Will he take the bait?

ELSEWHERE Billy and Paul break the news to Todd that they’re back together. In the Rovers, Billy chats to Dee-Dee and neither of them notices Paul struggling to pick up his darts.  

Friday 24th February

DAISY STRIKES BACK Daniel suggests they postpone their big day until Justin has been dealt with. Encountering Justin bearing a bunch of flowers on Victoria Street, Daisy storms over, hurls the bouquet onto the pavement and stamps on it. As Justin places a calming hand on her arm, Daisy sees red and punches him, witnessed by a shocked George. Justin reveals his mum has just died and he was visiting George to sort the arrangements. Daisy bursts into tears on Daniel’s shoulder. PC Jess invites Daisy to the station, because Justin has accused her of assault. 

SPIDER UNRAVELS A WEB OF LIES Maria’s annoyed when Len Cameron invites the press to photograph him handing over a cheque for the funding. Suddenly, Spider and a colleague screech up in a car wearing stab vests. Meanwhile Nina volunteers to assist Evelyn at the charity shop when a customer called Mo cannot afford the suit he needs for an interview. Nina lends him £10 and wishes him well. When Mo calls into the cafe to repay Nina her £10, Evelyn’s forced to eat her words. Hearing that Mo needed the suit for an immigration interview, Daryan invites him to sit down. Daryan introduces Gary and Maria to Mo and excitedly announces that he was at the same processing centre as his brother, who successfully arrived in England after all. Alya informs Toyah and Maria that Blake was sentenced to 12 years.

STEPHEN FEARS CARLA WILL RETURN TO WORK Stephen informs Elaine that he can now afford to repay her loan in full. Elaine eyes a new flat in Redbank. Stephen is dismayed to find Carla fighting fit and almost ready to get back to work. Stephen asks Sarah to convince Carla that her mental health is still too fragile for her to return to work, will he get Sarah on side? 

ELSEWHERE The Platts visit Max. Gemma’s distraught to receive an adjusted gas bill for £4000. Paul promises to help her sort it. While Billy’s back is turned, Paul struggles to grip a glass with his right hand but hides his concern.

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