Today: Felicity vents to Cash that she would prefer to have Tane to herself rather than share him with Kahu. The members of Lyrik are are keen to release Eden’s new song.

Tane is grateful to Kahu for filling the trainer role at the gym, until he finds out his cousin has no qualifications. Kahu counters that Tane is desperate for staff and when he boldly announces to Alf that he’ll be helping at the gym, it appears he may have charmed his way into the job. Later, Kahu dons the gym uniform and despite his protests is relegated to a strictly admin role – he’s hired.

Felicity vents to Cash that she’d prefer to have Tane all to herself than share him with Kahu. Cash reminds her that she married a man who’s all about family, and who allows her brother to live with them. When Felicity discovers that Tane has offered Kahu permanent employment, she balks at his lack of professional qualifications, leading to conflict with Tane. After a further appeal from Cash to be happy for Tane, Felicity is compelled to make Kahu feel welcome, and offers him Nikau’s old key.

The members of Lyrik are excited to revive the band and book as many gigs as possible, as well as work on releasing new material. The band are all keen to release Eden’s new song but are shocked when she refuses and storms out of the meeting.


  • Adam Rowland as Remi Carter
  • Angelina Thomson as Kirby Aramoana
  • Ethan Browne as Tane Parata
  • Jacqui Purvis as Felicity Newman
  • Jordi Webber as Kahu Parata
  • Matt Evans as Theo Poulos
  • Nicholas Cartwright as Cash Newman
  • Ray Meagher as Alf Stewart
  • Stephanie Panozzo as Eden Fowler

This episode is written by Andrew Gardner
This episode is directed by David Gould

Home & Away airs on Channel 5 at 1:45pm

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