RYAN WARNS DAISY THAT THE TRUTH HURTS When a brooding Ryan reveals that after a chat with Max he’s realised that she was the catfisher pretending to be Crystal, Daisy desperately tries to explain how after the attack Crystal made it clear that she wanted nothing to do with him and she was only trying to protect his feelings. Bubbling with rage, Ryan throws her out. As Daisy tries again to plead her case, insisting her intentions were honourable Ryan’s scathing and asserting that it’s time Daniel knew about their kisses, heads out. Daisy’s horrified. 

DAMON GETS UNDER ADAM’S SKIN Sarah’s pleased when Adam pulls her in for a kiss but when she spots Damon she realises it was for his benefit not hers. Adam urges Nick to cut Damon adrift as the man is poisonous. Will Nick put family first? 

MAX KNOWS WHAT HE MUST DO As Max and Bec link arms and head down the street laughing, Alya watches with simmering resentment. When Bec then wants to go to Speed Daal Max panics.

ELSEWHERE Billy and Paul return and go through their post. Paul’s taken aback to discover that someone’s been looking into a Personal Independence Payment on his behalf. Chesney admits it was Bernie. Paul rails at Bernie, making it clear he finds her fundraising attempts humiliating. Toyah tells Amy that she knows what she’s going through as she was raped too. Recommending a counsellor, she urges Amy to book an appointment. 

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