Since Sarah confessed to her fling with Damon she and Adam have been trying to piece their marriage back together, is she relieved as it looks like they’re getting back on track?

Yeah, she’s absolutely relieved. She understands what she’s putting through and she also really respects the fact that he’s willing to see past it, especially when he felt publicly  humiliated. The fact that family and friends all know what’s gone on, but he’s decided that after some conversations with his granddad, who’s been there and done that with Deirdre, to see beyond it. Deirdre and Ken both had affairs yet she was the love of his life and he’s helped Adam see that if you really want to make it work you can.The fact that he’s come back to Sarah and said let’s try and make this work, she’s very happy with that.

She doesn’t have any inkling she’s pregnant does she, so what first alerts her to the fact she might be?

She goes for a drink in the Rovers with Dee Dee, Sarah gets a glass of wine takes a sip and it tastes absolutely vile, it makes her feel sick, and there’s this point where she’s like ‘Oh, my, god’, a bomb goes off in her head and she just thinks surely not. I’m assuming that must have been a symptom she had in previous pregnancies, like I couldn’t even be in the same room as someone drinking coffee.

She goes home and takes a pregnancy test. How does she feel when it’s positive.

It’s just the worst thing in the world ever obviously because she knows it’s a 50/50 situation and she has no idea whose the baby is. It’s more likely to be Adam’s as they’ve slept together more but she knows one of the times with Damon she didn’t use protection. She realises at this point that she’s pretty much blown up her entire life, it’s her worst nightmare.

Finding out she’s expecting a baby should have been a happy time, as she’d agreed to try with Adam, after a bit of reluctance at first, but is it now just the worst thing?

It’s the worst thing with the worst possible timing. I think if she was honest with herself, I don’t think she really wanted a baby, I think she felt guilty about what she’d done with Damon and she knew how much Adam wanted a baby. I think if she’d have been a bit more honest with her feelings she’d have said it wasn’t the right time for her, her career is doing really well and actually left to her own devices I don’t think she would have had any more children. But she was trying to do the right thing for her marriage and her relationship. Now she’s taken that and jumped all over because she’s got to make the decision to tell Adam the truth of the situation and she doesn’t know what he’s going to do or how that is going to play out.

As she steels herself and hands Adam the pregnancy test, what sort of reaction is she expecting to get, does she think this is over now?

She doesn’t know, I think she realizes that this could be the end for them really.

We see Sarah going for a DNA appointment, how does she feel at this point? Is she trying to stay positive?

I think she’s just devastated and ashamed at this point, at the position that she’s put herself in and everyone around her. I think she’s got huge regret for all the things she’s done and she’s just hoping and praying to get the answers that she wants.

Her business with Owen and Nippersnapper is something that is going really well for us but we see Adam start to struggle with her spending time with Owen, do you think she understands where Adam’s coming from?

I think she understands that she’s completely eroded the trust there and that he is paranoid about the fact of her spending too much time with anyone, when she’s actually legitimately just trying to do her job. So I think although she’s a bit embarrassed and mortified at the way he’s behaving, she also completely understands it, and she hasn’t really got a leg to stand on. She just wants him to be able to learn to trust her again.

Looking to the future, would you like the baby to be Adam or Damon’s, as an actress what would you like to play out?

It’s so interesting, it’s probably more interesting if it’s Damon’s, but for Sarah’s happy ending  I’d like it to be Adam’s.

How have you enjoyed working with both Sam and Ciaran?

I’ve really enjoyed working with Sam on this storyline, it’s been great. We’ve both worked really hard, we’ve had a lot of big scenes in the flat, just the two of us, but even those long days have been easy because of the shorthand between us now. Ciaran’s wonderful to work with as well, he’s very, very funny, so there’s just always a lot of laughter on set when he’s around.

What would you like to see happen in the future for Sarah, would you like to see this marriage work? Or would you like to see it blow up and go in a totally different direction?

That’s a tricky one. I actually quite like the idea that maybe they can’t be together, they should be together but now circumstance has damaged their relationship and it’s hard to get that back as much as they might want to. I like the throw back to Ken and Deirdre’s relationship, which makes it really interesting. It will depend if the trust is eroded too much and how mature they can be about it or if they’ll take go their separate ways but still maybe be there for each other because they can’t just switch those feelings off.

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