How has Adam been coping since Sarah’s confession about her affair with Damon, has it hit him hard?

Yes very much so, he’s pretty devastated and in denial about it all. 

He’s made the decision to forgive her but is he finding that harder than he thought he would? And why did he make that decision to forgive her?

I think he loves her and he loves the idea of the family life with her, therefore what she did totally blindsided him and it all happened so quickly that it’s a bit overwhelming. He still feels guilty about what happened with Carla, the whole thing with Lydia, they’ve got through a lot of problems in the past so I think he’s hoping this is just another bump in the road that they can get through but whether than transpires we’ll see.

Then she hits him with the thunderbolt that she’s pregnant, so how does he react to that?

Well again it’s a real conflict because he wanted them to have a child together, she was quite resistant and he was trying to persuade her so the fact that she’s fallen pregnant but under these circumstances is conflicting because he wants a baby with Sarah but he knows full well this baby might not be his. He’s a bundle of contradictions. 

This has been what Adam has wanted for a long time but now there’s a chance the baby might not be his, the news is obviously tainted. Do you think this could be the end for Adam, is it just too much to forgive?

It’s tainted what he’s wanted for so long but I think that’s part of the reason he’s trying to make it work because he’s got so much more to fight for than just a relationship, he wants that family life and in a way I think it’s blinded him to the reality of what’s happened. 

We see Adam starting to question Sarah when she’s at work, when she’s with Owen, how hard is he finding it to trust her again?

He’s really doubting everything that she’s saying to him, at one point he follows her into the hotel where she’s actually having a business meeting and makes a bit of a fool of himself. They’re really up and down, they have moments where they seem close again and there’s that tenderness again but underlying is this sense of doubt. Fundamentally the trust has been broken, not only did she have an affair, she looked in his eye and lied to him more than once and that’s something he’s going to find hard to deal with.

Do you think he could be on a path to self-destruct?

He’s drinking a lot, he’s stressed obviously, he’s devastated emotionally. I’d like to think he’s not on a path to self-destruct but I think he’s just overwhelmed by it all. He’s been totally blindsided and devastated, he just didn’t see it coming. After everything that happened with Lydia he thought things were smooth, that they were in a good place, they were talking about having a baby and expanding their family so to discover what’s happened has just stunned him. 

They’ve been through such a lot, would you like to see them save their marriage?

I would have loved to see them growing their family and living happily together. I love working with Tina, I think she’s great. But obviously the writing team and the audience want to see that conflict. If they do stay together I just pray they have a period of time where the relationship is tender again and they can be kind to each other and be happy.

In the past it’s often been Adam who’s been known as the womaniser, we’ve seen a bit of role reversal, has that been interesting to play?

Yeah it has, I think Adam’s been a little bit cowed by it all and I think that’s part of the reason he’s prepared to try and forgive her. I think a lot of guys would have said no this is unforgivable but Adam knows that he’s done something similar in the past, he’s asked for forgiveness and been given it so I wonder if he’s thinking maybe I’ve had a taste of my own medicine.

He made a concerted effort to change didn’t he after the Lydia incident so this must come as a real body blow to him, to do all that work on himself for this to happen?

Yeah, it’s almost like he’s questioning everything, he’s done the right thing yet he’s not been rewarded for it. I suspect, if anything, this could send him back to his old habits.

Did you ever imagine that it would be Adam getting everyone’s sympathy?!

I saw it start to turn during the Lydia storyline last year, suddenly the audience were on Adam’s side and this scenario is even worse for Adam so hopefully he will get a bit of sympathy because I think he deserves it.

What sort of reaction have you had from the public so far?

I get told your wife’s a dirty so and so, your wife’s at it behind your back, do you know your wife’s having an affair. You just have to laugh along with it or pretend you don’t know, it’s all fun and games, most people know it’s not real and they just want to have a bit of banter with you. 

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