Monday 3 July 2023 at 13:45 on Channel 5

As Andrew revels in the blissful embrace of his beach surroundings, Cash and Justin diligently delve into unraveling the mysteries shrouding Andrew’s origins. Their investigation takes a startling turn when they stumble upon records indicating that Andrew was reported missing as a young child. Prompted by this discovery, Andrew finds himself called in for a daunting interview at the police station. Overwhelmed by the intense questioning and the weight of the environment, Andrew’s emotional turmoil boils over, leading him to lash out. He attributes his amnesia-like state regarding his past to the oppressive rules imposed by his father.

Justin, at a loss for answers, confides in Theo, sharing his belief that Andrew’s mother may hold the key to unlocking the truth. Understanding the significance of this revelation, Justin embarks on a quest to track down Andrew’s elusive mother.

Meanwhile, Remi is taken aback when Cash offers to use his share of the inheritance to finance a studio recording. Remi, astonished by Eden’s inclination to decline the generous offer, pulls out all the stops to persuade her otherwise. However, Eden remains resolute in her decision, fully aware of the potential strain that a significant financial involvement from her boyfriend could impose on their relationship and music careers. This firm stance leaves Remi questioning the depth of Eden’s commitment, as her refusal hits him harder than anticipated.

Roo joins forces with Marilyn, Alf, and Kirby, united against the enigmatic Stunning Organics. Their pursuit of justice leads them to search for other victims willing to share their stories. Armed with a “secret weapon” provided by Alf and Roo, they uncover incriminating information that offers a glimmer of hope against the shady cosmetics operation. However, as they connect with more victims, the reluctance to come forward and speak out reveals a deeper and more intricate web of deceit, plunging them further down the rabbit-hole than anyone could have anticipated.

Stay tuned as tensions rise, secrets are unraveled, and unexpected alliances form in this gripping new beach setting.

By Eastieoaks

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