With Damon out of the way, how has Adam been feeling, if the baby proves to be his is he confident he and Sarah can get their marriage back on track?

Adam’s fighting to get his family back on track, all he can focus on is getting Damon out of the picture and establishing that the baby is his, then they can think about the future. However the trust has been broken and that might take a long time to recover.

And if the baby isn’t, do you think that will be the end for Adam and Sarah, do you think he’d find it too hard to bring up Damon’s child?

I think he would find it too hard and that could be the end but if he sees Sarah living on the street walking around with a baby that’s going to be tough. He’s been a good step dad to Harry but that’s a totally different set of circumstances and I can’t see Adam being able to accept it, staying with Sarah and bringing up a child that’s Damon’s.

When Nick tells him that a local gangster has been found dead, how worried is he that it could be Damon and he may be culpable for his death? Obviously he wanted rid of Damon but is this a step too far for Adam, did he actually want him dead?

He’s conflicted here, I think there’s actually a part of him that’s quite keen for Damon to be dead but obviously he knows if he’s implicated there’s serious jeopardy there so there’s a conflict. Deep down he wouldn’t be overly upset if Damon was killed but by the same token he wants to keep his nose clean. In some ways it’s a no lose situation but in others it’s a no win.

Do you think Adam is someone who could stray over to the dark side?

Yeah I think he’s got that in him, especially when he’s been betrayed and he feels he’s had his trust broken. I think he’s capable of wreaking vengeance. I don’t think he could kill someone himself but maybe he could find a middle man. 

I guess with Adam’s job as a solicitor there’s also that extra worry about finding himself on the wrong side of the law, is the pressure too much for Adam, is that what leads him to confess to Sarah about how he set Damon up?

I think it’s his guilty conscience, he’s quick to say he only wanted Damon warned off not killed off.

As they’re dealing with the fallout she starts bleeding and they rush to hospital. How worried is Adam that Sarah might lose the baby, could it almost be a blessing in disguise for him or does it open his eyes to how much he wants the child?

It’s a real conflict of emotions because part of him thinks maybe this won’t be a bad thing, if the baby’s lost there’s no dilemma, but I think when they’re in the hospital the reality dawns that this is not a game it’s real life and the overwhelming emotion is one of wanting the baby to survive. I think the humanity of the situation overrides his personal grievances. So it then puts him into another tailspin of emotions, he doesn’t know how to deal with it and that all stems from the scare. It was all talk at first but now the baby feels more real.

We see Sarah and Daniel try to broach the subject of paternity but Adam refuses to talk about it. Does he think he can just block it out for now?

Yeah he’s in total denial, he misinterprets something that Sarah says and just runs away with it, thinking she’s basically told him that he’s the dad when really she hasn’t said that to him at all. He’s just grasping at anything he can hold onto in terms of getting the news that he wants but he’s in his own little world of delusion. The whole thing is just tainted now, it’s something he really wanted but the fact that it’s happened in these circumstances is really sad. He wants to feel excited but she’s put him in a position where it’s impossible to do so.

As he continues to bottle up his feelings we see Adam suffer with a panic attack in court, does this take him totally by surprise?

Yeah I think so, he’s just overwhelmed by the stress of it all and it suddenly catches up with him at work. Everything just seems to be imploding around him but he’s his own boss, he knows he can’t just check out and have a week off to get his head straight but he’s struggling to work through it.

He’s so confident in court, and very much an alpha male character, did you find it interesting to hear that Adam was going to suffer with his mental health?

It’s tough and it’s challenging to play out but it’s important to show how stress can get on top of anyone. It’s a tough time for Adam, he’s fighting off issues left, right and centre and it’s just overwhelming him at times.

Do you like Adam?

Yeah I think I do, when I came back to the show I watched a lot of classic Corrie and what his dad Mike Baldwin had was that perfect mix of being a little bit cocky, yes at times a bit smarmy but he also had that charm and I wanted Adam to have his charm. The team have tried to shape Adam in the same vein and I think we’ve seen the nice guy a lot more since he’s been married to Sarah, she’s calmed him down, the lothario has gone since he’s had that security so I definitely like him a lot more now than I did a few years ago and hopefully the audience feels the same.

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