In a jaw-dropping episode of Coronation Street, Spider’s life takes an unexpected turn when he attends a mysterious meeting with his superintendent. Shockingly, he’s presented with an offer of a new job and a fresh identity, but there’s a dangerous catch – he must move away to protect himself from the vengeful Griff, who’s out for blood. The burning question remains – will Spider agree to the drastic plan, or will he find another way to confront his dangerous enemy?


Prepare for fireworks on Wednesday’s episode as Toyah stumbles upon a revelation that shakes her to the core. While sifting through bank statements, she makes a startling discovery – Spider’s financial situation isn’t as dire as he’s made it out to be. Fueled by paranoia, Toyah takes a daring step and delves into his laptop, only to find out he’s been in contact with his ex and searching for houses near her!

Facing the heat, Spider reveals the true reason behind his secretive actions. He confesses that he was trying to accelerate his divorce proceedings and had used his savings for something special for his ex. But just when Toyah thinks she has it all figured out, Spider drops to one knee and presents her with a ring, asking her to marry him! How will Toyah respond to this unexpected proposal?


Secrets and lies come tumbling out in an explosive showdown. Spider receives a chilling message from his pursuer, commanding him to meet up. Fearful for his life, Spider discreetly confides in his superiors about the ominous encounter.

Meanwhile, Toyah receives an unexpected visitor at the flat – a woman who claims to be Spider’s wife! As Toyah attempts to keep up a facade, Leanne, coincidentally, encounters Spider, and he reveals that the woman is, in fact, an imposter. Panic ensues as Toyah tries to maintain a semblance of normalcy, but everything takes a terrifying turn when Leanne and Spider break into the flat.

What they find inside sends shockwaves through the street – signs of a struggle, no trace of Toyah or Sam, and chillingly, blood on the floor! The revelation of Spider’s hidden life takes everyone by storm, leaving us wondering – what has happened to Toyah, and who is behind this dark conspiracy?

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1

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