The bistro becomes the venue for a thrilling chilli eating competition. Dev, Chesney, and Shona receive overwhelming support from the crowd, while Gemma reminds everyone to donate generously.

Amidst the excitement, Bernie meticulously counts the money collected and hands over a whopping £800 to Paul. Touched by their kindness, Paul is deeply moved. However, tensions rise later when Billy and Bernie engage in a heated debate about religion versus crystals. Feeling overwhelmed by their constant interference, Paul storms out of the flat.

Seeking solace, Paul seeks refuge in a hotel bar, where he unexpectedly encounters Zac, a person from his past. Extending a friendly gesture, Paul offers to buy Zac a drink, sparking intrigue.

Meanwhile, Carla urgently demands a meeting with Seagull Ltd, prompting Stephen to make a bold move. He persuades his ex-partner Gabrielle to pose as a consultant from his fictional company, promising her a worthwhile reward. As the crucial zoom call with Seagull commences, Carla falls for Gabrielle’s impressive performance. However, Stephen’s nerves escalate when Sarah unexpectedly returns, casting doubt on their charade.

Ryan opens up to Carla about his apprehensions regarding returning to work and being in the public eye. However, when Daisy attempts to engage in conversation, Ryan responds bitterly, claiming he is already back at the bistro and wants nothing to do with her. Later, Ryan gathers the courage to visit the bistro and nervously approaches Leanne, expressing his desire to resume work. The question remains: will she grant his request?

Also tonight, Chesney explains to his son Joseph that they cannot afford to send him to the summer club with his friends, leaving Joseph deeply disappointed. Gemma steps in, offering to ask Jenny for additional shifts to make up for the financial shortfall. As Yasmeen and Roy become fully engrossed in the Rovers quiz, Stu feels excluded and departs in a grumpy mood.

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1

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