In an explosive turn of events on Monday’s episode of Coronation Street, Nick drops a bombshell on Adam that is sure to cause worry. The Gazette reports that one of Damon’s acquaintances has been apprehended for the murder of a notorious local gangster. Panicked and fearing the worst, Adam worries that his brother Damon might be the one implicated in this heinous crime. The suspense reaches fever pitch as viewers wonder about Damon’s fate.

Meanwhile, at work, Josie, Owen’s boss, is left astounded by Sarah’s ingenious Nippersnapper pitch. The impressed Josie not only approves but also expresses her willingness to sign the contract, leaving Sarah elated. However, Sarah’s happiness is short-lived when she returns home to discover Adam snooping through her phone. Caught off guard and flustered, Adam admits to Sarah that he needs to know if she has heard from Damon, who apparently has gotten himself into serious trouble. The tension escalates further when Sarah reveals she is bleeding and fears she may be losing the baby. Seeking solace and support, Adam accompanies her to the hospital where they anxiously await the scan results, their hands tightly clasped.

As Wednesday rolls around, Sarah attempts to discuss the possibility of a paternity test with Adam, but he adamantly refuses to engage in the conversation. Seeking advice, she confides in Daniel about her recent pregnancy scare. Daniel, realizing the emotional turmoil Adam must be going through, predicts that he will find it challenging to insist on an abortion, especially if Damon is the baby’s father. The stress takes its toll on Adam, leading to a heated exchange with Daniel before rushing off to court. However, as Adam presents his client’s case in the courtroom, he succumbs to intense sweating, trembling, and a loss of focus. In a dramatic turn of events, Adam suffers a severe panic attack, leaving Dee-Dee alarmed.

Friday’s episode brings another wave of intense drama as Adam confides in Daniel about his plans to announce Sarah’s pregnancy to their families later in the day. However, Sarah, aware of the risks involved due to the early stage of her pregnancy, believes it’s too soon to go public. As the Platts and Barlows gather in anticipation of a major revelation, they find themselves underwhelmed when Adam cunningly pretends to have won a significant court case. However, just as the disappointment settles in, Daniel arrives late, raising his glass for a toast to the new baby. The question on everyone’s mind is whether Daniel’s slip-up inadvertently spills the beans, revealing Sarah’s secret pregnancy.

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1

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