Keanu is left dumbfounded when Lisa unexpectedly makes her return to Albert Square, accompanied by his daughter Peggy. Meanwhile, Kim’s family eagerly prepares for her highly anticipated release from prison. Amidst the chaos, Jean takes it upon herself to play cupid and plays matchmaker, hoping to ignite a spark between Stacey and Theo.


As the drama unfolds, Sharon and Keanu find themselves faced with a nerve-wracking situation: introducing their son, Albie, to Peggy. Tensions rise as Stacey defies Martin’s disapproval and embarks on a date with Theo. Will this new romantic connection cause further turmoil in Stacey’s already complicated life? Meanwhile, Kim’s return to work proves to be far from the smooth transition she had hoped for.


Trouble looms large as Phil suspects Lisa is keeping a secret from him, specifically concerning their daughter Louise. Sharon grows increasingly concerned about Keanu’s reckless attitude towards money, fearing the consequences it may have on their future. Additionally, meddling Eve inadvertently makes a disastrous move that could potentially sabotage Stacey’s love life, leaving us on the edge of our seats.


Things take a wild turn when Rocky goes rogue during his stag night. Meanwhile, Kathy is left deeply hurt by a cutting comment from Elaine during her hen do, straining their relationship. However, the aftermath of Keanu’s actions begins to unravel….

EastEnders airs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on BBC One at 7.30pm

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