In the final episodes Rownd a Rownd, before the summer break, Efan’s increasingly erratic behavior has caught the attention of the community, making it nearly impossible for him and Llyr to avoid confronting the root of the problem. As the situation escalates, Sian steps in, determined to help Efan, but her actions will take them into dangerous territory.

Meanwhile, Kay sets her sights on sabotaging Kelvin’s career with the community electric car, determined to disrupt his progress. On the other hand, Gloria is on a mission to force Tammy out of her house and is willing to go to extreme lengths to achieve her goal.

Mair, feeling responsible for Anna’s bullying, makes an effort to make amends. However, Sophie, disapproving of Mair’s actions, finds herself learning a difficult lesson about her own recent behavior.

As Trystan eagerly anticipates a weekend getaway at a luxurious cottage, his mind is consumed with thoughts of cocktails and fun. In contrast, Rhys contemplates the state of their relationship and decides to put it to the test. Unfortunately, the results are not what he had hoped for. Little do they know that a disaster of unforeseen proportions is about to rock their world.

Efan’s anguish finally reaches its breaking point during a family meeting. Overwhelmed by mounting pressure, he feels compelled to make a drastic decision—leaving his home and the village behind. The consequences of this choice will undoubtedly reverberate throughout Rownd a Rownd, leaving everyone reeling from the aftermath.

Rownd a Rownd airs on S4C with these 2 episodes back to back from 8pm on Thursday, July 20th, 2023

Rownd a Rownd will return in September.

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