In the coming episodes of Pobol y Cwm, tension rises as Kelly comes face to face with Howard, the enigmatic figure who recently returned to Cwmderi. Their long-awaited reunion promises to unravel secrets and ignite emotions, but will it lead to harmony or chaos?

Meanwhile, Iolo, known for his unwavering dedication, devotes all his energy to organizing a special birthday celebration for Greta. However, his intense determination might have placed an excessive burden on his shoulders. As the preparations unfold, the question lingers: has Iolo pushed himself too hard, and will this anticipated event live up to expectations?

A new chapter begins for Kath and Cassie, as they embark on the adventure of living together. However, as with any significant change, challenges arise, threatening to disturb the newfound harmony. Will their journey as roommates prove to be a smooth and seamless transition, or will unexpected obstacles test their bond?

At the Felin, Sion finds himself grappling with a difficult decision. The weight of his choice hangs heavily upon him, presenting a pivotal moment in his life. As Sion contemplates the options before him, the ramifications of his decision could reverberate throughout the community, leaving everyone on edge.

In a move that goes against Kelly’s wishes, Jason takes matters into his own hands and pays a visit to Howard. Fueled by protective instincts, Jason issues a warning, making it abundantly clear that Howard should keep his distance from Kelly. How will this confrontation unfold, and what consequences will it bring to the lives of those involved?

Meanwhile, Kath and Cassie receive an unexpected shock on Cheryl’s inaugural day at the Deri. The nature of this surprise remains shrouded in mystery, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the unfolding drama. With Cheryl’s arrival, the dynamics at the Deri are poised to change, and the repercussions of this encounter are sure to leave an indelible mark.

Pobol y Cwm airs back to back on S4C from 8pm, Wednesday, July 19th, 2023 and you catch up with the Cwmderi drama at BBC Iplayer and Clic

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