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Sarah finally decides to confront the consequences of her past actions. As she heads home, she is met by Adam clutching a mysterious letter. Fearing the worst, Sarah braces herself for the truth to come out. However, to her surprise, Adam breaks into a smile and reveals the contents of the letter – it proves that he is the father of her child. Relieved and overjoyed, Adam shares the news with both Ken and Daniel. But that’s not all; he has even bigger plans in mind. Adam excitedly tells them about his surprise gender reveal party for Sarah.

Meanwhile, Daisy attempts to mend her strained relationship with Ryan, but he rebuffs her attempts with a cold shoulder. Feeling hurt and rejected, Daisy finds herself alone in the flat. However, her disappointment is nothing compared to the shock that awaits Ryan. He receives a parcel addressed to a fake name and decides to open it secretly. Inside, he discovers illegal steroids, and in a moment of desperation, he injects himself with them, setting the stage for potential danger and serious consequences.

At the meeting Darren and Courtney explain they simply want to go over Aadi’s figures again before showing them to their accountant, Dev and Aadi breathe a sigh of relief. Darren reveals that he and Courtney are off on a Caribbean cruise. Aadi throws Courtney a loaded look and suggests she should skip the meeting with the accountant. Courtney’s thrilled to have him eating out of her hand again.

Elsewhere, Eileen becomes increasingly concerned about Todd’s true motives as he prepares to attend the funeral awards. She senses that these awards hold more significance for him than he’s willing to admit. As the event unfolds, George, Todd’s nemesis from RestEasy, arrives with his protégé. George is hopeful that Todd wins, but the tension between the two rivals is palpable.

Furthermore, Audrey finds herself suspicious of Stephen’s sudden eviction from the flat. Suspecting that it might have been Tim’s idea, she confronts him about the situation and asks him to double-check with Elaine if she truly wanted Stephen to be kicked out.

By Eastieoaks

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