In an upcoming episode of Coronation Street, tensions rise as Stu and Yasmeen face challenges in their relationship, while Eliza deals with heartbreaking news. The beloved couple will be put to the test as they navigate through emotional turmoil and unexpected revelations.

In the episode, Stu and Yasmeen have the difficult task of breaking the news to young Eliza that her mother has been transferred to a prison in the northeast. Eliza, already struggling with the absence of her mother, is devastated by this update, realizing she will see even less of her. The news weighs heavily on her heart, and both Stu and Yasmeen try their best to comfort her during this trying time.

However, as Yasmeen shares her recent experiences with Stu, a hint of jealousy begins to surface. Stu tries to hide his feelings, but he can’t help but feel envious when Yasmeen fondly talks about her time with Roy at the pub quiz. He wonders if Yasmeen is starting to prefer Roy’s company over his.

Seeking advice and reassurance, Stu confides in Alya about his fears. Alya is quick to dispel his worries, assuring him that Yasmeen cares deeply for him and that there’s no reason to be suspicious of her friendship with Roy. She encourages Stu to take a more active interest in Yasmeen’s hobbies and passions to strengthen their bond.

Taking Alya’s advice to heart, Stu decides to surprise Yasmeen by booking a spot for both of them in an art course, hoping to spend more quality time together. When Yasmeen learns about Stu’s thoughtful gesture, she is genuinely thrilled and touched. Filled with joy, she can’t help but share the news with Roy, grateful for her partner’s effort to connect with her on a deeper level.

However, a twist occurs when Alya reveals to Yasmeen that Stu had booked the art course to be closer to her, intending to strengthen their relationship. Yasmeen realizes that she might have unintentionally neglected Stu’s feelings amidst her excitement about the course and her friendship with Roy. Recognizing her mistake, she feels guilty and decides she needs to make amends.

Meanwhile, Eliza receives a mysterious and secret video call from a man named Dom…

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1

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