Sarah is feeling anxious due to Damon’s persistent missed calls, and she’s also worried about Adam’s mysterious behavior. However, Stephen assures her that Adam is planning a surprise gender reveal for their baby. At the bistro party, Sarah pretends to be surprised as she opens the balloon box to discover the gender.

At the Rovers, Ryan apologizes to Daisy, and they join Jenny, Carla, and Maria in toasting Johnny. While taking selfies, Carla accidentally posts a naked torso shot of Ryan, causing him to be furious.

Bernie, Paul, and the Alahans gather for Sunita’s memorial dinner. Dev asks Asha about her bracelet, and Bernie suggests that a bubble of light in a photo is a human spirit. Dev dismisses this superstition.

Meanwhile, Stu and Yasmeen break the news to Eliza that her mom has been moved to a prison in the northeast, leaving Eliza heartbroken.


Sarah desperately seeks to salvage her marriage, but Adam confronts her about her lies. In the midst of their heated argument, Sarah is struck by sudden stomach pain. While heading to the hospital, Maria informs Adam, who follows Sarah worriedly. At the hospital, Sarah awaits news, terrified.

Meanwhile, Jenny confides in Owen about the Rovers’ financial struggles, but selling is not an option for her. Stephen proposes reducing portion sizes instead of increasing prices. A loud bang in the kitchen and the lights going out add to the chaos.

Aadi notices a strange movement of a picture, and Bernie believes it’s Sunita’s spirit. Dev dismisses the idea and demands Bernie to stop with supernatural nonsense.

Elsewhere, Stu hides his jealousy as Yasmeen praises her pub quiz partnership with Roy. Daniel and Daisy get excited about the builder’s yard flat availability. Ryan shows Peter his anonymous social media account, where his gym body pictures receive numerous likes.


Jenny’s controversial decision to raise bar prices and cut staff shifts leaves the customers and staff unhappy. Gemma lies to Chesney about her new job, leading to a misunderstanding when Chesney sees her with Henry.

Jenny’s Darts Night promotion fails, and she worries about the future of the business.

Stu worries about Yasmeen’s interest in Roy, but Alya helps them reconcile.

Eliza receives a secret video call from a man named Dom. Paul supports Bernie’s spiritual pursuits.

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