Monday, July 31st, 2023 on BBC Scotland at 10:00pm

In tonight’s episode of River City, emotions run high as Lou faces an uncertain future while trying to come to terms with her past. Delighted to have her mum, Eve, back home, the two share heartwarming moments together. However, Lou’s struggles with PTSD loom large, and she grapples with the idea of visiting South Africa for a fresh start.

As Lou cautiously discusses the possibility of a new beginning with her friend Amber, she is met with unexpected resistance. Amber quickly shuts down the idea, leaving Lou unsure about her next steps. Seeking support, Lou confides in Sonny about her contemplation, not realizing that Amber is eavesdropping on their conversation.

Amber’s rage at Lou overhearing her plans proves to be a turning point, pushing Lou to make a startling decision. Will this decision lead her towards healing and a brighter future, or will it take her down a different path altogether?

Meanwhile, Dean finds himself in a romantic quandary, seeking advice from his friends Angus and Bob. Unfortunately, the two friends are far from being relationship experts, and Dean soon realizes that their collective track records leave much to be desired.

Taking matters into his own hands, Dean sets his sights on Madonna and bravely asks her out on a date. But will his romantic pursuit lead to a blossoming romance, or will it encounter unexpected hurdles along the way?

Elsewhere, Sam grapples with a troubling secret, confiding in Caitlin about Poppy’s gambling addiction. The burden of keeping this information from his partner, Stevie, weighs heavily on Sam. When Poppy announces her decision to move in with Stevie, Sam faces a moral dilemma. Caitlin urges him to come clean about the addiction, but Sam’s heart is torn, unable to burst his son’s elation bubble when he encounters Stevie at the Tall Ship.

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