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With his paranoia growing, Tyler confronts Nicole about her suspicious behaviour. She denies anything is going on suggesting he’s being possessive.

Nicole later meets up with Alex and the pair agree their affair has run its course, it’s over, no harm done. However, unbeknown to Nicole, Tyler watches them from afar…seething.

Tyler confronts Nicole who finally admits she’s been having an affair with Alex but it was nothing more than sex. She minimises her actions and belittles Tyler’s hurt however he turns the tables on Nicole, leaving her stunned.

Elsewhere, Brooke returns to Shieldinch and ramps up the pressure on Lou. Haunted by the demons of her sister’s death, Brooke vows to end Lou’s career and make her life a misery.

Amber confronts Lou about her snap decision to start a new life in South Africa. Fearing she’s fleeing for all the wrong reasons, Amber tells Lou all the guilt she feels will simply follow her. Lou is unconvinced, driving a wedge between the couple.

Amber seeks guidance from Lydia and Lenny who are at odds with their advice, leaving her torn.

Bernie and Gillian play matchmaker when they discover Mikey has a new potential love interest. Mikey downplays the connection with Jonathan, insisting they’re just good friends but Gillian and Mikey aren’t convinced.

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