Next week on Hollyoaks, Cindy is released from the hospital and decides to make amends with Ella by planning a sweet sixteenth birthday party. Dave offers to help and suggests using The Loft as the venue, and he attempts to mediate between Cindy and Ella.

Meanwhile, Norma gives Mercedes a suspicious job involving Warren as protection, but it turns out to be a ruse. She confesses that the plan was to keep Warren away while Terry Smart was around.

Norma, feeling the void left by Katie, proposes a legitimate business venture with Warren, surprising Ethan and Sienna, who are taken aback when they are informed that they’ll be new business partners since Grace is in prison. Sienna backs the idea, leading to the cancellation of Ella’s party.

Ella is upset about the cancellation and takes her frustration out on Warren without revealing the real issue behind her behavior.

Curious about Ella’s true feelings, Norma arranges the sweet sixteenth party at The Loft without Warren’s knowledge, which causes him to express his desire for no more secrets.

Shing Lin, feeling hurt, takes to the microphone to share something important, leaving the others wondering about her intentions.

Sienna worries that Ella might cause trouble for the family and suggests that Mandy’s secrecy about Ella may imply that she doesn’t want Warren involved in their daughter’s life. Ella stumbles upon Terry Smart attempting to rob the garage, adding to the tension.

As Warren tries to get answers from Cindy, her mind is elsewhere, and he fears that his actions might negatively impact Ella’s life.

At the park, Joel confronts his dad about Ella, and they unexpectedly run into her. Warren invites Ella to visit him later on.

Sienna also struggles to come to terms with the possibility Warren might have another child.

Hollyoaks airs on Channel 4 at 6.30pm

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