In the flower shop flat, Billy notices Paul struggling with his right leg. Paul does his best to cover it, secretly dismayed at his deterioration. Billy returns home with a walking aid for Paul. When Paul admits that the walking aid will take some getting used to, Billy suggests a wheelchair instead, but Paul is horrified at the very idea.

Later, Billy presents Paul with an engagement ring for his birthday. Paul is overcome with emotion. But when he turns up at the Bistro for the joint party with Gemma, he is overwhelmed to see so many people. Gemma suggests he take Bryn outside for a runaround at the park. When Bryn runs off, Paul tries to go after him but crashes to the ground. Back at the flat, Paul admits he can’t manage the stairs. Billy enlists Todd’s help, and between them, they carry Paul up to the flat. Paul feels utterly humiliated. Paul reluctantly admits it might be time for a stair lift.

Paul gets into the spirit of Pride and is up for fancy dress. But he is dismayed when his occupational therapist agrees with Billy that it is probably time for a wheelchair. Paul is angry at Billy, and when David reveals that he found Paul knocking back vodka on a bench, Billy blames himself and explains that they had an argument. Billy watches as three drag queens help Paul out of a taxi and carry him into the Rovers. As everyone rallies around him, Paul gets upset that it will be his last ever Pride.

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1

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