Monday, September 18th, 2023 on ITV1 at 8:00pm

PAUL RECEIVES SOME GRAVE NEWS. Summer hands Billy and Paul a polaroid camera for their stag do and explains that phones are banned. Paul’s thrilled. As they arrive at the bistro Billy’s taken aback by all the glitter and the rainbows but Paul loves it. Gemma leads the drinking games and Billy starts to relax. Meanwhile the police call at No.7 and tell Bernie they’d like her to answer some questions regarding a potential fraud investigation involving Shelly Rothington. At the station, Bernie makes out she’s simply helping a young woman with MND by collecting a few parcels for her. But the police have a shock revelation for Bernie that leaves Paul reeling.


ED PREDICTS A COUNTY VICTORY. Ed struggles when Neil, their site manager, suggests they bet on when the digger will turn up.


In the Rovers, the lads gather to watch the match. When Neil suggests they have a flutter, Ed’s sorely tempted.


AADI FACES THE CONSEQUENCES At Dev’s request, Aadi suggests to Courtney that she make a contribution to the household bills. Courtney’s evasive.


ELSEWHERE As Todd gets ready for work, George makes waspish remarks about RestEasy. When Troy tells Todd that he’s promised a client a service they can’t deliver and he’d like him to break the bad news, Todd paints on a smile, secretly dreading it. Ryan receives a message from an O-Vidz subscriber offering to pay extra for a live video.

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