Wednesday, October 25th, 2023 on ITV1 at 8:00pm

AADI REALLY WANTS HIM AND COURTNEY TO WORK Aadi persuades a reluctant Courtney to accompany him to the Freshco recruitment day, pointing out that with two lots of wages coming in, they could live somewhere better. As they get ready to leave, Courtney tells Aadi she feels sick and he’ll have to go it alone. 

IS DANIEL MOVING TOO QUICKLY FOR DAISY? In the café, Daniel tells Daisy that he plans to take Bertie to visit Sinead’s grave later as it’s four years since her death.  Daisy squeezes his hand supportively. Daniel suggests to Daisy he’ll sell his Mum’s house and buy Elaine’s flat in Redbank. When Daisy suggests they delay moving until she’s got a proper job, Daniel’s disappointed

ELSEWHERE Ed and Ronnie meet up with the potential investor in the bistro.  The investor’s impressed with Ronnie’s sales spiel and agrees to go ahead.  Ronnie orders Champagne all round.


  • Aadi Alahan – Adam Hussain
  • Adam Barlow – Samuel Robertson
  • Asha Alahan – Tanisha Gorey
  • Audrey Roberts – Sue Nicholls
  • Courtney Vance – Stephanie Davis
  • DS Swain – Vicky Myers
  • Daisy Midgeley – Charlotte Jordan
  • Daniel Osbourne – Rob Mallard
  • Ed Bailey – Trevor Michael Georges
  • Gail Rodwell – Helen Worth
  • George Shuttleworth – Tony Maudsley
  • Investor – Steve Varnom
  • Ken Barlow – William Roache
  • Kevin Webster – Michael Le Vell
  • Lauren Bolton – Cait Fitton
  • Nina Lucas – Mollie Gallagher
  • Peter Barlow – Chris Gascoyne
  • Ronnie Bailey – Vinta Morgan
  • Sally Metcalfe – Sally Dynevor
  • Sarah Barlow – Tina O’Brien
  • Steve McDonald – Simon Gregson
  • Tim Metcalfe – Joe Duttine
  • Toyah Habeeb – Georgia Taylor
  • Tracy McDonald – Kate Ford

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