Friday, October 27th, 2023 on E4 at 7:00pm

Dave pulls in Charlie to help his business. Charlie tells Darren that instead of retaking year 11 he plans on getting an apprenticeship to help pay towards the bills. Dave’s plan is going down a success thanks to Charlie and his gift of the gab. While talking to Cindy, Dave is horrified to discover the money he’s earned has gone missing and accuses a passing by Charlie of stealing it.

Peri is horrified to find a video leaked of what claims to be a younger her bullying Rayne. Peri and Leela discover Joel in the park where he confesses that he didn’t want to cause them more stress but his diabetes test came back irregular leading to work suggesting he takes a rest day.

After hearing Vicky complain about where she’s living Scott encourages her to take part in the short film competition with money up for grabs. After reassuring her foster dad she’s managing ok, we see her fill her bag up with food from his cupboards. Vicky shares her idea for a short horror to Mason, Lucas and Leah. However, Mason refuses to be involved.

Carter calls John Paul in to share his concern on leaflets Scott was sharing at the Youth Centre regarding a HIV prevention drug. The McQueen tells the headteacher it’s important to educate children. When alone we overhear an alarming phone conversation between Carter to Gareth…

By Eastieoaks

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