Monday, October 30th, 2023 on E4 at 7:00pm

Leela is concerned about Peri’s defensive behaviour. Rayne’s fans are planning a rally and when Zain and Yazz try to advise Peri not to rise to it, there’s a miscommunication which results in her confronting them face-to-face. With heckles from the late influencer’s fans directed at her, Peri lashes out… Later at home Peri goes to make a video to clear her name but when a noise spooks her, we see an unknown figure sneak into the house.

The teens are competing in the short film awards. Mason questions Vicky on her wellbeing and unable to contain it anymore she admits she needs the competition money to help her get out of supported living, realising the struggles Vicky is going through and how much winning would mean, Mason offers to help and the rest of the team agrees to give Vicky the money if they win. Needing better editing software but not having money for it, Lucas tells his friends he can sort it.

Darren tries to make amends with Dave and the men realise if they’d have given it a chance, they could have been good friends for one another. Darren finds a letter saying Dave is moving out for a little while leaving him concerned about his whereabouts…

By Eastieoaks

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