Tuesday, November 14th, 2023 on ITV1 at 7:30pm

Bernice agrees to give Nicola her half of the B&B to avoid police involvement.

The next day, Mack is overjoyed when Charity accepts and reunites with him. However he knows this means he really has to now break Chloe’s heart. However, Mack’s attempt to dump Chloe is interrupted when she collapses unconscious in the kitchen. Charity watches on in disbelief as Mack accompanies Chloe to hospital in the back of an ambulance in the dark as to whether Mack did tell Chloe she was dumped, before she collapsed?

Marlon’s been struggling keeping Gus secret and ends up blurting the news to a shocked Rhona how Gus stole Rhona’s embryos. Telling her he saw Gus at the hospital with a pregnant Lucy. Rhona struggles to process this news.

A careless word from Paddy in the Vets leads Dawn to find out the truth about yesterday’s confrontation in the playground between Billy and Aaron. Dawn demands the truth on getting home.


  • Amy Wyatt – Natalie Ann Jamieson
  • Bernice Blackstock – Samantha Giles
  • Billy Fletcher – Jay Kontzle
  • Bob Hope – Tony Audenshaw
  • Charity Dingle – Emma Atkins
  • Chas Dingle – Lucy Pargeter
  • Chloe Harris – Jessie Elland
  • Dawn Fletcher – Olivia Bromley
  • Gabby Thomas – Rosie Bentham
  • Jimmy King – Nick Miles
  • Laurel Thomas – Charlotte Bellamy
  • Leo Goskirk – Harvey Rogerson
  • Mackenzie Boyd – Lawrence Robb
  • Marlon Dingle – Mark Charnock
  • Mary Goskirk – Louise Jameson
  • Nicola King – Nicola Wheeler
  • Paddy Dingle – Dominic Brunt
  • Rhona Goskirk – Zoe Henry
  • Rodney Blackstock – Patrick Mower
  • Thomas Tate – Bertie Brotherton
  • Wendy Posner – Susan Cookson

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