Rhona is shocked by the situation she finds herself in. Dawn has concerns. Chloe dreams while Mack machinates.

Thursday, November 16th, 2023 on ITV1 at 7:30pm

When Gus fails to show, Rhona finds herself staking out his house. Rhona is aghast to witness him trying to escape with suitcases. After confronting Gus, Rhona is left in turmoil when heavily pregnant Lucy emerges. Back in the village, Marlon and Mary grow increasingly worried about Rhona’s disappearance. An emotional confrontation in the street between Rhona and Lucy takes a distressing turn when Lucy doubles over in pain, her waters have broken and Rhona finds herself driving her to hospital.

Dawn attends an ante-natal class but the discussion of pain relief drugs concerns her.

Bob worries for his future at the B&B.


  • Aaron Dingle – Danny Miller
  • Amy Wyatt – Natalie Ann Jamieson
  • Angela – Nicole Pattinson
  • Billy Fletcher – Jay Kontzle
  • Bob Hope – Tony Audenshaw
  • Brenda Walker – Lesley Dunlop
  • Cathy Hope – Gabrielle Dowling
  • Charity Dingle – Emma Atkins
  • Chloe Harris – Jessie Elland
  • Clemmie Reed – Mabel Addison
  • Dawn Fletcher – Olivia Bromley
  • Ethan Anderson – Emile John
  • Gabby Thomas – Rosie Bentham
  • Gus Malcolms – Alan McKenna
  • Heath Hope – Sebastian Dowling
  • Jimmy King – Nick Miles
  • Lucas Taylor – Noah Ryan Aspinall
  • Lucy Malcolms – Charlotte Asprey
  • Mackenzie Boyd – Lawrence Robb
  • Manpreet Sharma – Rebecca Sarker
  • Marlon Dingle – Mark Charnock
  • Mary Goskirk – Louise Jameson
  • Moira Dingle – Natalie J Robb
  • Nicola King – Nicola Wheeler
  • Paddy Dingle – Dominic Brunt
  • Rhona Goskirk – Zoe Henry
  • Suzy Merton – Martelle Edinborough
  • Thomas Tate – Bertie Brotherton
  • Wendy Posner – Susan Cookson

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