I commend Ross deeply for doing his best to hold himself together after the horrific attack that left half his face barely recognizable. As someone who has been physically affected due to an accident, I really felt for Ross trying to open a simple bottle of water to keep any kind of semblance of normality. He desperately wants his life to go back to the way it was before, it is almost like a wicked spell has been cast on him. Could his princess be the one who comes and shows him that his beauty lies on the inside, I am totally up for watching that story play out, especially if it is Vic who helps him? I am more interested in seeing Debbie learn a large lesson from her actions, rather than having her continue her vendetta against Joe Tate. At the end of the day the blame is on her and her inability to let things go, this doesn’t mean I excuse his actions but she needs to be the bigger person.  The jury is still out on how much sympathy the audience should have towards Debbie, my moral compass has always been fine-tuned, now I am not sure. As I said before I am looking forward to where this SL is going to take Ross on his journey, whatever happens, Mike Parr will be flawless in his portrayal.

02-14-ED (6)(Picture ITV)

The much anticipated moment between Robron that we have been waiting for since Summer 2017. I wasn’t expecting anything more to happen than what did, I think them sleeping together would have ruined the moment for both of them, even to the point of Aaron pushing Robert further away. The amends Robert made was subtle and sweet, let’s face it we knew Aaron wasn’t going to be upset about the tickets. Can we advocate for the writers to put him in lipstick and heels, Rocky Horror themed party, anyone? A pipe dream, I know! I can appreciate Robert wanting to help Aaron make dinner for Alex, it shows a real sincere sense of maturity that wasn’t there before, Alex “canceling” on Aaron was predictable, I certainly am not disappointed.

02-14-ED (7)(Picture ITV)

The exchange on the couch was absolutely perfect and just enough to spark that desire Aaron needs to move towards getting back together with Robert. “I am proud of you” as Aaron says to Robert as he tears up about how hard it has been to take care of Seb. Without a doubt, it is something Robert will hold onto with all his might. If it hasn’t been made clear yet Aaron is the one person who can get to Robert where it matters, his heart. I know it wasn’t a reunion, there was no kissing and Robert had to flee; it was a great episode that helps move their story forward. Whatever our thoughts are about how much did and didn’t happen during their scenes today, one thing is sure, Ryan and Danny played it to a T!

02-14_ED-112(Picture ITV)

Loved Paddy and Chas’ little scene in front of the Mill, nice save by Paddy when he saw Robert make his great escape. As ever Paddy will surely have something to say to Aaron, as proven by the spoiler clip for Thursday. Whatever Aaron decides to do, as if we didn’t know he chooses Robert, it has to be for himself and no one else.

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Gabby is ever increasing her need to escape herself and whatever problems she refuses to deal with. At this juncture, she feels getting Jacob back would make her happy, despite her dumping him because she wasn’t interested anymore. I feel for her and what she has been through with the passing of her father Ashley Thomas but again, how far should our sympathy go until we give up? Her insistence that Liv has to help her do anything and everything has to be exhausting for Liv, who is dealing with her own insecurities concerning her sexuality. Per usual someone gets their wires crossed, this time it is Jacob who reads more into Liv’s words than he should have. He wants to give her a Valentine’s Day card, which is a nice thought even friend to friend. Jacob is growing up to be a very nice young man, he has had a lot of trouble in the past but I enjoy seeing him on screen.

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Asexuality is still one of the many letters in the LGBTQIA acronym that still holds a lot of stigma to it, among the myriad of questions. Liv has previously brought up that she feels nothing for anyone, literally there are no sexual desires for her. For a world obsessed with sex and identity, there is nothing more “weird” than someone who has no sexual desires at all. As someone who spends their time writing and researching about sexuality, I am happy that asexuality is finally getting the light it deserves. I can only hope that it continues to be given its attention and becomes just another part of life where no one has to feel the need to justify why they feel the way they feel.

For me, it is clear Liv isn’t sure what to think about her lack of feelings, as anyone would. I feel for Liv trying to explain to Gabby that it isn’t because the boys in her school are cool or how “girly” she is, it is that she simply isn’t interested in people in the way others are. I wasn’t expecting the kiss between Liv and Gabby, wires do get crossed and interpretations can be wrong. One kiss shouldn’t make a difference but seeing as it was Gabby Liv kissed, I see this coming back later to be used against her. I suppose it is apparent at this point that I am not a fan of Gabby at all, she needs to do a lot of growing up and dial down on the selfishness.

02-14-ED (8)(Picture ITV)

I fully support this SL for Liv, it is time different sexualities are represented in mainstream media, it is 2018, no one should fear to be who they are because of ignorance. Emmerdale has huge potential, once again, to really change the game for other shows in the world. I hope they continue to handle it well and give insight into the lives asexual people live, it is a wonderful life indeed.

I hope you enjoyed the Valentine’s Day episode as much as I did, this brings us one step closer to our beloved reunion! Soon, very soon!

I hope you all have had a wonderful Valentine’s Day, more soon!




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