This tense episode tonight left me more or less angry at Joe Tate’s new revenge scheme against Robert and all things he thinks are worthless. I really hope he knows who he is messing with, Robert doesn’t take things, like threats against him or his family lying down. I expect a full on feud where Robert brings Joe down a few pegs. Whatever small bit of intrigue and likeness I had for Joe quickly faded tonight, to be fair I haven’t liked him since he railroaded the Dingles. This just adds to my already annoyed view on the characters recent comeback.

02-28_Joe-GRAHAM(Picture ITV)

Robert going after Joe was everything I needed and more tonight. Ryan, as ever, is flawless on his line delivery and characterization of Robert. Ned, as well, is doing a great job playing Joe, so much so, I can’t stand his character. I know we were meant to feel some sort of sympathy for Joe during the conversation he had with Graham tonight about the legacy of Joe’s mum, I wasn’t feeling it. I get it, his father died, his mother as well but that doesn’t mean he didn’t do something with it, look at him he is a complete success, why the need for vendettas? I am hoping after all the craziness of this storyline is over I can grow to like Joe as much as I liked Tom, we shall see!

Jimmy is completely clueless or that overworked that he can’t see the clear signs he is being taken advantage of by Joe. I like to think Graham is the voice of reason when it comes to Joe’s vendettas but those fall on deaf ears. What is going to be the outcome for Jimmy and Nicola, who is oddly obsessed with bedding her husband? Sure, it is great for them to feel like their family is finally getting what they deserve but that doesn’t mean sense leaves. As ever Aaron is the one Robert listens to most here, Joe has no chance as long as Aaron is in Robert’s corner.

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I really wanted Paddy and Marlon to tell Aaron that Chas is pregnant if anyone is going to have any sort of effect on her it is him. Per usual Paddy and Chas think they can handle everything without the help of others, this is definitely a reoccurring theme in soaps, indeed in entertainment altogether. I like that there is no tension between Robert and Chas like there was before, this relationship feels different than before. I hope this is the beginning of Chas allowing Aaron to live his life and make his own decisions. They have been through a great deal over the years, I am happy to see them act in love towards one another instead of anger. I think Chas needs to give Faith a chance and really listen to what she has to say, I think Faith is genuine in what she has to say. I am happy to see Paddy being supportive of Chas and giving her the chance to process things, I hope he doesn’t become a wet noodle though and when the time comes he is present for everything that is going to happen, whether she decides to keep or abort the baby. The same goes for if something else is going on.

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I feel like this needs to be said, mostly because it hasn’t been acknowledged much on the show, yet. Victoria deserves huge props for taking on so much responsibility in taking care of Bex and Seb, especially with everything that has happened. I hope Robert and Aaron see the toll it is taking and step up. Bex, at this point and the foreseeable future, is unable to take care of her baby. We know next week she breaks into Home Farm through her confusion, I feel a huge clash of storylines coming who makes it and what happens remains to be seen. Whatever happens, Victoria deserves some happiness and support from her family and friends.

02-28_VIC(Picture ITV)

Something is stirring with Priya, who is growing increasingly agitated by the second, although given what has happened to her over the past year, it is a wonder that she didn’t crack before. I am interested to see where this aspect of Priya’s story is going to go, especially how it will affect her relationship with Jai.

Poor Gerry having to run all over Emmerdale to catch that little dog and Zak being stubborn about wanting to help, which I understand because he just lost Alfie. It looks like we know how the window was broken, surely it has to be an accident, right? Whatever it is beware of Gabby, who is certain to take this and go overboard with revenge. I enjoyseeing Zak and other support Pete, he must feel truly helpless right now, this story is far from over but I am here for the duration.

02-28_GERRY(Picture ITV)

As ever, I enjoy seeing characters continue to develop depth with the new storylines that are happening.

More Soon!

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