Morning sickness is happening already, I really hope something comes from this storyline. I think showing an older woman who has children is a good thing, it certainly needs to be done to help break the stigma of having children at an older age. I was hoping Chas would find the Lamb that Paddy bought if anything to help open up the lines of communication. Chas really can’t be all that surprised that Marlon knows about the pregnancy, can she? Paddy and Marlon have been thick as thieves for as long as I can remember, it is a given that it wouldn’t be kept secret for long. My favorite line tonight was “I’m going to peel it out of you” I laughed quite a lot at that line even if it was more of a serious conversation. Marlon is right though, Chas and Paddy need to talk about it because it is clear they don’t want the same things.

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Chas also broke my heart tonight at her admission she doesn’t think she is a good mum and that this baby would be better off never being born. I remember how much effort it took for Chas and Aaron to finally start acting like mother and son, there was so much damage done, I am honestly surprised they’re so close now. For me, this reason alone is why I think Chas should go through with having this baby with Paddy. Paddy has been a father to Aaron and Leo, as well he loves Chas and wants to support her. All those things already make for a better beginning than before. I think it may help even more with her relationship with Aaron, he can get the chance to be a big brother again, something I think suits him. As someone who comes from a severely broken home with abusive parents, I understand Chas’ reservations at wanting to bring a child into this world, I am the same. It can be difficult to trust oneself when all one knows is abuse, neglect, escaping responsibility, and disappointment. Chas is much older now and has a more grounded approach to life, I want to see this story play out, I hope the outcome is good whatever it is.

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More Joe and his infinite amount of smug, less of this and more of him being a decent human being. There is a point when a person becomes so obsessed with revenge and sticking it to the man that they become completely devoid of compassion. This is Joe in so many ways, he is itching to pick fights with as many people as he can just to show how powerful he is. It sounds like he is trying to overcompensate for the fact his father died, the fact Joe became a successful person isn’t good enough. Tomorrow sees Joe picking a fight with Robert over issues at the scrap yard, I am sure once I see it I will have some strong opinions about what I think is going to happen. For now, I want to see Joe get brought down off his almighty perch and act like a decent human. Also, I want it to be Robert who does the bringing down of Joe. The spoilers about Bex, Joe, and Robert don’t worry me much, I pray this is a means to an end for Bex in Emmerdale. A lot of people need a reality check, I am all for those people being woken up from their daydreams, it’s time to face facts.

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Nicola is someone I can usually support but she is not helping the situation and Jimmy needs to tell her what is going on as she is distracted by finally doing the things her family deserve. It seems like every few months or so Nicola becomes a bit obsessed with sex, to the point where she forgets that there are other things going on, especially with her husband. Wake up, Jimmy is about to see himself in a load of trouble, he is going to need someone on his side.

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Bob and Laurel’s affair how far is this story line going to actually go on for? It isn’t going to be long before Brenda become suspicious of all the visiting Bob is doing and the extra attentiveness to Laurel. I find it, like most cheating stories, to be overdone. I think the best direction for Laurel would have been for her find a new love, from outside the village. Someone who understands what she has been through on a different level. This isn’t to say Bob isn’t a good character but I don’t feel a story that goes in this direction suits either character. Either way, it isn’t down to me or the audience to decide what happens so I will stick with what I have to, for now.  I am sure in the coming weeks we will find out a lot more about what is going to happen, especially in the wake of Ashley’s window at the church being broken.

02-27_BOB(Picture ITV)

I really liked the small dog training scenes tonight what a great way to help Zak move on from Alfie and bring the audience a bit of laughter. As I said before I like Gerry and think he is a nice addition to the show, more so now that he isn’t so much in Lucky’s presence. I do like that he fits in well with Roblivion. I would like to see Aaron, Rob, Liv, Gerry, Vic, and Seb have some nice family unit scenes together. I think this is where some strengths could lie, in tightening the family unit for some of our couples, especially Robron. Again, this is just my opinion but those who are left on their own, who’ve felt like an outcast, deserve to find a family that loves them. I do hope Gerry finds the little dog as she managed to escape him tonight. Maybe Jai isn’t quite ready for the responsibility of taking care of a pet, he already has his hands full. There is definitely much more to come with Priya later in the week, what exactly is going to happen we will soon find out.

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