I do apologize if anything sounds off, I have been ill all day. Enjoy! 

If anyone still had doubts about the effect Bex would have on Robron, I think they can let those go. I sincerely feel sorry for her, she can’t function as an adult anymore, something that has to be frustrating. Something tells me that Bex may not be in the picture a lot longer, mostly because Vic and Robert can’t continue to take care of her, she forgot a basic conversation after 15 seconds. Maybe she will have to go to a facility, maybe she’ll run away, or maybe something else. The one thing I know for sure, she isn’t a threat anymore and hasn’t been for some time.

I was so happy at the little scene at the Mill with Aaron, Robert, and Vic. Best part hands down was Robron trying to get in the door at the same time, I laughed out loud. Robert is finally home, where he belongs. I may be in the minority but I do enjoy seeing Aaron want to help Rob out with Seb, let’s face it Aaron is a natural around babies. I enjoy that so far the pair of them have been communicating really well, Aaron was completely fine with Robert needing to look after the baby. Whatever the final outcome of this whole Robron, Bex and Vic scenario I hope it is soon; Robron has finally just started feeling better again.

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I definitely would not want to be Paddy right now, waking up with marker writing on his head after a night of too much alcohol, he must feel like hell. He should have just come out and said he knew about Chas’ pregnancy instead of making her continue to worry over telling him. I enjoy Paddy and Marlon’s friendship probably much more than I should but Mark and Dominic play off of one another so well!  I am happy Paddy at least went and spoke to Marlon, even though he shouldn’t have, it gives Paddy more time to say the right thing to Chas.

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I am all for Paddy supporting Chas’ want to have an abortion, even though Paddy wants to keep it. It is her body and she has the right to do with it what she wants, however, Paddy should have at least made himself clear for the sake of full disclosure. I enjoyed that brief scene with Chas and Aaron, their relationship has grown so much over the years! He is actually willing to show her some affection in public, color me happy. Can we put Paddy down as one of the least able people to lie to Aaron? Aaron knew exactly what Paddy’s walk meant, it was quite cute to watch. I am not sure if this is actually going to become a storyline about an older woman having a child or if this is going to turn into something much different.

I think Graham would be a lot of fun to go on a night out with, being around Joe brings out his hardman routine. I would like to see what he is like when he is away from work, sign me up to go clubbing! As for Joe Tate, I am liking him less and less every day as he sneakily sets up Jimmy. I would genuinely like to wipe that perfect hair off his head, especially since he plans to go after Robert. Jimmy listen to Zak and get away as soon as you can, something, per usual, is going to prevent that. Jimmy, never never never sign a contract before reading it first! This can’t be good, especially if Robert finds out about anything, Jimmy is going to get it from all sides.

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I love Zach and Lisa, they are like the mother and father of all in the village. I enjoy Lisa’s down to earth style, it’s comforting.

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