I think I am still reeling from last night’s reunion episode, which was perfectly done in every way imaginable. I had every range of emotion and then some, I hope you enjoyed it as well! 

A big Happy Birthday to Chas Dingle! Is it just me or do none of Paddy and Chas’ dates/surprises seem to work out for them? Who honestly thinks playing with a pinata is a good idea to do indoors? I do love the fun things Paddy thinks of to do, if only they didn’t always end in disaster. Speaking of horrible gift givers, Charity could do with a lesson on not regifting things to the person who originally gave her the gift. I am sure Vanessa spending the night was a huge distraction for her!

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Chas is pregnant, wow, the jury is still out how I feel about this and the potential for a great storyline. It is great Paddy has Marlon he can go to in cases like this before automatically jumping to any kind of conclusion about how Chas is feeling. Although it would have been nice for him to tell her immediately the suspense of telling him must have been difficult for Chas. For the most part, this storyline is still very new and I am not entirely sure how to feel or what to even think. I do know that Charity and Faith need to be a little more supportive of Chas’ decisions with her own body, that goes for whether she wants to keep the baby or not.

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I will be honest, I didn’t think the rings would be back on so soon but it is nice to see them on Aaron and Robert’s fingers. Loved that little morning scene, it was very calm and mature. Once again we get to see Aaron play with his ring, which is a highlight of many scenes for me. Right off the bat, I’m glad they are starting to communicate better with each other! Both are genuinely happy to be back with the other, we can all breath easy now that they are whole again.

I enjoyed the little scenes between Robert and Liv, both Ryan and Izzy work so well off one another, I missed their banter. It is going to take a lot of work for Robert to get back in her good graces, as I think it should. Liv has had a lifetime of being let down, it’s only right she should want to have some stability. I hope Robert can support Liv in dealing with her sexuality like Aaron supports her. Chas reacted much better than I anticipated at the news of Aaron and Robert being back together! Kudos to her for handling the news with grace, more so than Paddy! Paddy was way out of line if he only knew what news was about to come. How cute was that Roblivion scene! I don’t think it requires much more than a huge AWE at that hug, cutest family ever!

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Joe Tate may quickly become one of my least favorite characters, especially in the wake of finding out he is going to go head to head with Robert soon! I think Graham, while loyal to Joe, doesn’t like his overly childish approach to those he wants to get even with. Jimmy is completely blinded by his ego and the need to feel important, whatever that means. Jimmy is going to end up paying a huge price for signing his life away to Joe who will one way or another make sure Jimmy takes the fall for something. I’m not sure if he is intentionally ignoring the obvious signs Joe is giving him or is just that thick. Joe referring to Robert as Richard grates me to no end, Joe is more arrogant than Lawrence, tread lightly Mr. Tate, Robert is very cunning. Watch yourself Mr. Tate!

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Tracy is one strong woman, hugely proud of her for standing up for what is important and not letting Phil get her down anymore. Thankfully, David and Vanessa are full on supporting Tracy in this, although I’mnotsureif they are right in how Jacob would react. Given his recent show of maturity, he may be a bit more understanding but I get why they wouldn’t want to tell him. Tracy wants her past to remain there, she doesn’t want to feel the shame she once did. I’m not sure to what extent Emmerdale plans to go with Tracy’s storyline but part of me wants it to make an important point that doing what you can to survive, in order to have a better life, providing no one is hurt, isn’t bad. Sometimes people have no other choices to survive, I am glad Amy is the one portraying this story as she is a brilliant actress who can do it justice!

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Rodney, oh Rodney, I hope I am as lively as you when I get older. He seems to be a neverending ball of energy and fun.

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