The day we have all been waiting for has finally arrived Robron reunite, we are beyond excited! This is a long post but we hope you like it and loved the episode as much as we did! There was almost too much to write about this time, as everyone in the cast was superb, hopefully, this summarises it well. Enjoy!

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We love that all the women ambushed Robert outside and dragged him off to the gay club in Hotten, talk about progress! In the years since Robert returned to the village, he has struggled to make friends and retain relationships with others, due to his past transgressions and moral struggle. This episode was different, we saw a group of villagers offer to accompany Robert on his night out. Although Robert is not over Aaron, as he has seemingly moved on, Vanessa encourages Robert to experiment. This budding friendship is definitely one the audience will want to keep seeing. Vanessa wasn’t doing a bad thing by encouraging Robert to move on, she genuinely has his best interests at heart and wants to see him happy again. This support means everything to Robert, he’s been on his own for too long and felt like he didn’t belong. We can only hope that this will be a new start for Robert who has had far too many people think the worst of him and insist he wasn’t good enough. It is time to give Robert more friends that can create a solid foundation for him to continue making the right decisions. The dynamic of the other characters will only get better as Aaron and Robert move on with their relationship.

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The fact Robert went over an actually spoke to another person shows huge growth in character a sense of maturity if you were. While he knows that there is no other man for him other than Aaron, Robert is willing to relent just enough for Aaron, whom he doesn’t know is there, to go after his man. Mike is absolutely gorgeous and Irish! However, he has no chance with Robert’s intense loyalty to the man he loves. Kerry is goals when it comes to clubs, she is a fun character who enjoys having a great time, more of her please! Dragging Robert onto the dance floor is the best thing we’ve seen in a long time, we all know that Ryan is a good dancer in real life,  it is nice to see his Emmerdale counterpart get to do some cool moves. Finally, Aaron breaks up with Alex, for some reason that break up felt very anti-climatic, we didn’t expect Alex to roll over and say “die” so quickly, it goes to show that he wasn’t that invested in the relationship either. Anyway, thank goodness that is over! Goodbye Alex, again, what emotions were those? Now that Alex is out of the picture it is time for Aaron to make his almighty move towards reconciliation with Robert.

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A slight aside: Never in my life have I been so happy about the mention of a bisexual contract! I felt that scene was obnoxiously cute and full of Robron’s usual charm and wit they have with one another! It is indeed rich for Aaron to hate Robert’s dancing, time to start a campaign to actually get Aaron to dance! Danny, I am sure will be up for this!

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Maxine, Duncan, Ryan, and Danny got this scene right in every single way, the parallels were endless and Robron had a real honest talk for the first time in a while. From the hand-holding to Robert pulling away as Aaron tried to kiss him, it was all perfect! We loved that Robron had their initial interaction in the garage, where so many firsts happen for them: sex, vows, and now the start of their new lives together as husbands who have learned from their past transgressions. There were several moments during this scene that struck a huge chord with me the acknowledgment of why Aaron is willing to accept Seb, Robert and Aaron acknowledging their respective parts in why things went wrong, and Robert telling Aaron he’d rather never have him than lose him again.

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What stands out most is Aaron’s justification for not hating/resenting Seb, while many may find issue with Aaron accepting Seb, the truth is how could he not? As someone who had a father who resented him, raped him and made his life in general; there is no way Aaron could do that to another child. An honest, mature response from someone who has gone through more than their fair share of heartbreak over the years. Whatever stance you may have on Aaron, Robert, and the baby; it ultimately comes down to what Aaron chooses and to where the show wants stories to go. If Robron is happy we are happy!

Aaron acknowledging his part in the downfall of their relationship was an important point that needed to be made, while Robert did make most of the mistakes Aaron’s paranoia and attitude didn’t help things. “Rebecca did break us up, we did”, can we say that a little bit louder for those who didn’t hear? This was never about Rebecca or Seb for that matter, it was about Aaron and Robert’s inability to communicate with one another. Their love may be fierce and strong but it won’t do them any good if they don’t learn from their mistakes and begin communicating. Letting everything from the past go and learning from it is a feat most aren’t willing to take on but for Robron it seems the way to go.

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As we saw during the Christmas special Robert once again lets Aaron go, not out of sadness or anger but unconditional love. Robert would rather never have Aaron back than face losing him, their home, and their lives again. Ouch, our hearts!! If you didn’t need tissues before that then you certainly will after! Omg! Adele is playing in the background as Robert tries to remember, to forget. This is all getting very intense as Aaron shows up and bangs on the door, thank you for not letting him slip through your fingers again. Genuinely held our breath waiting for Robert to open the door, “shut up for one minute and let me do the talking”, omg, yes! Aaron really laying into Robert about how he is a disaster, smug with a terrible taste in music has to be one of the best admissions of love, ever! It has been nearly two years since the trial and Aaron still feels the love Robert had for him to get through the impossible. The impossible doesn’t often lose but when you have someone like Robert Sugden in your corner the impossible becomes possible! Robert loves in the way many may not understand, even Liv who turned him into the police, was loved by Robert without any conditions!

That was one of the most passionate speeches I have ever heard from a soap character, it was absolutely flawless and delivered to perfection! I had no doubts about Maxine’s ability to do the reunion justice but wow was my heart moved in a way I didn’t know it could. “You loved me the way no one has ever loved me before” sums up Robron’s relationship in the most heartwarming way possible. For both Robert and Aaron being loved the way they needed to be is ultimately what helped bring them back together. Neither of them is easy to love and goodness knows others have tried; Jackson, Chrissie, ED, Katie, etc…but none of them understood the depth of pain that Robert and Aaron hold inside. Aaron is right in saying that Robert got him through the impossible, the trial where Gordon was convicted of raping Aaron as a boy was heartbreaking, even now more than a year later. I think Robert needed to hear that Aaron hasn’t forgotten all of the things Robert has done for him since they rekindled their friendship. As someone who can get pretty down on themselves and forget their importance, Robert now knows for certain that Aaron loves him unconditionally, faults and all!

While the speech was amazing, my favorite part was Roberts reaction to being told he was a worse dancer than Paddy! “Actually I am a really good dancer” had us in stitches, it rounded the scene out well with Robron’s usual sense of humor and seriousness common in their interactions. Then it happened, the moment we have all been waiting for as Robert says, “Of course I’ll come home, I love you so much”, followed by the long-awaited kiss and embrace! Dead, officially dead, bury us. Wow wow wow! And that last kiss, goodness, the way Robert pulled Aaron in and held him tight in loves’ long embrace, was everything. Mr. Sugden and Mr. Dingle walk off into the night hand in hand and arm in arm, perfection!!

It was amazing to finally see Robron, two broken souls, come back together where they know they are whole. The intensity of the last few minutes of the episode was perfectly done, from how desperate they were to finally kiss again to Aaron threatening to dump Robert again over “their song”. We knew that the reunion was happening but the sheer amount of emotions was amazing and unexpected, Emmerdale held their cards close with this one!

We think tonight goes to prove, to the doubters out there, that love is love is love, whether the couple is fictional or not, what matters is that love is visible. The world could do with more love, kisses, hugs, and bring people together, in the end, isn’t that what Robron has always been about? Showing that no matter where you come from or how broken you may think you are, there is someone who will love you the way no one has ever loved you before. Dear friends that is why Robron is one of the most significant couples in television history!

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For someone who doesn’t want to be “exclusive” Charity seems like she has huge issues with Vanessa going out to pain the town rainbow, which is my new favorite phrase! Finally, Charity comes to her senses and goes after the woman she wants, even if Vanessa’s dance moves are questionable. We enjoy Vanity, both characters are a joy to see on-screen and provide for some of the funniest exchanges. Now all the audience can do is hope Vanity is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future! Michelle and Emma are wonderful in their scenes together, both giving honest performances as their characters begin anew.

Tracy’s scenes tonight were absolutely heartbreaking to watch, the pain and shame of telling her father what she had to do to survive, wow! That entire sequence of scenes was perfection in every way. I hope David can understand that Tracy had to do what she did to survive and she just wants to move on and have a happy life! No one’s past should have to come back and bite them like that.

Frank, thank you for being so supportive of Tracy, we loved the scenes with them tonight. Like many people in the world Tracy had the unfortunate plight to get a mother who did not care about her, so like many others in the world, she did what she had to do to survive. None of those actions gets to come back to haunt Tracy, in terms of her being a bad person or not, she got out of the life she didn’t want. Now look at her, she is happy with who she is and in love with one of Emmerdale’s hottest guys. Super proud of Tracy who finally stood up to Phil, nice kick! She finally decided to call the police as her life and honesty are more important than anything Phil could dig up on her. It was good to see David begin to back Tracy up and let go of whatever misconceptions he may have had. He may not win husband of the year right now but if he continues to support Tracy and pull his head out of the sand he may have a chance. Matthew, Amy, and Michael were all superb tonight as they handled a very important and sensitive topic for many. We genuinely can’t wait to see more from each of them as Tracy’s storyline continues.

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There wasn’t much Ross tonight but what there was, was beyond difficult to watch and heartbreaking in every way. It has already gotten to the point where Ross can’t leave the house for fear people are going to think he is hideous, our hearts continue to break for him. You ever come across that one person who needs a hug more than anything, to be told that they are still important? That is Ross right now, every time he pops up on-screen we wish someone would come and make things better. As he continues to push Pete further and further away, to the point he leaves, what will Ross do now? It is difficult to love someone who shows their heartbreak through anger but Pete, please don’t stop forcing your way in, one day Ross will have to open back up. For now, out lowly beasts sits in his castle drowning his sorrows in alcohol waiting for the moment this awful curse is broken. Fantastic work Anthony and Mike on giving depth to this storyline, the audience is right there with you in their passion for your counterparts.

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While Lucky is not a character we have liked, Belle and he make an oddly cute couple. Who knows how long Lucky will be around for as he deals with his Aunts decreasing mental ability, for now, let’s hope he has learned a lesson. Paddy and Chas, as ever, provide a wonderful dynamic on the show. Thankfully Paddy didn’t get Chas tickets to a curry house or Spice Girls, but to Mexico! Goodness knows what Chas’ news tomorrow is going to do to their plans, whatever happens, though may they support each other throughout.

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Huge standing ovations to all of the cast and crew at Emmerdale! You all did a fantastic job tonight, it was everything and more. We can’t wait to see what is in store for not only Robron but our other beloveds as well.


More Soon!

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