In anticipation of Robron’s Reunion tonight we’d put together a list of Robron scenes that not only melted and broke our hearts but made us feel everything in between.  While there are numerous clips and scenes that made us feel all the feels, these are just a few that stuck out in our minds.

1. This list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include Robron’s first kiss way back in 2014.

2. Robert supports Aaron as he confronts Gordan in the months leading up to the trial. 

3. Aaron and Robert reunite after the trial, one of those moments we watch again and again!

4. Robert opens up about his past, this was just one scene from SSW 2016 that made us emotional.

5. Aaron says “Yes” to Robert’s proposal, need we say more?

6. Aaron and Robert marry by themselves in the garage, now that we know there is a similar scene tonight, that makes this scene all the more special. 

7. Aaron and Robert say goodbye as Aaron heads to prison, or as we like to call it Danny’s favourite scene! 

8. Aaron gives Robert back the ring, go ahead and rip our hearts out again with this one. 

9. Aaron and Robert let each other go, a scene we are convinced is what really sparked the beginning of their reunion. 

10. Aaron and Robert spend Valentine’s Day together as Aaron tells Rober he is proud of him, the feels!


We know there are many more scenes we could have included but then this list would be well over a mile long. Here’s to many more wonderfully emotional Robron moments as they head into their future, back together and completely in love! 

More Soon!

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