One year ago today Robron wed in the Dingle garage to show their commitment to one another before Aaron is whisked away to prison. Like many of you, those scenes were some of the sweetest I have ever seen and so beautifully done. Alas, here we are a year later and Robron have been through some insane situations that have left the pair broken up, trying their best to move on with their lives. Luckily for us, their separation is almost over! 

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Robert’s heartbroken face when he mentions to a seemingly cool Aaron that today is their wedding anniversary. Really Aaron? Are we going to pretend like this isn’t hard for you, obviously it is. As it is clear to everyone, Aaron does not want Alex to move in but out of wanting to make his mum and Liv happy, he once again squelches his feelings for the sake of others. I still don’t buy Alex’s oh woe is me routine he has going on, I think he feels Aaron slipping and is doing what he can to hold onto him. I can’t be bothered to make myself sit through the little kiss in front of the Mill, I shut my eyes, I think they’ll thank me one day. I saved myself the pain of having to see two people who have absolutely no chemistry kiss to keep up some weird image because Aaron is afraid of the truth. I mean this in the nicest way possible but I am ready for tomorrow’s much-anticipated reunion.

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Bernice needs lessons in the correct way to handle people who are in relationship trouble, I had a hard time with her scenes tonight. I wish I had more words to say other than “Bernice, what the hell are you doing!” As someone who has had countless relationships, she has no room to give Robert advice. I agree with Vic, the answer isn’t to jump back on the horse and have a few meaningless one night stands. Sure, that is the Robert they know but it isn’t who he is anymore, there are a lot of changes that happened below the surface. Thank you, Robert, for standing up to Bernice and telling her that you don’t want anyone else. I don’t know how much longer I could sit there and watch the heartbroken look on Robert’s face.

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Thank you, Tracy, for deciding to put the money back, Phil isn’t worth the fallout or the time. Can David be any more distracted at the potential to win a tiny Hotten retail award? It is obvious Tracy isn’t fine, open your eyes mate and see that she needs to talk. Tracy decides to put her plan into action to blackmail Phil into leaving her alone, I seem to remember saying an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Per usual in soaps, Tracy’s plan backfires as David walks into the hotel room to a very strange sight. David may think that Tracy is having an affair with Phil, honestly, I think he may prefer that than the truth at this point that Tracy used to sleep with others and Phil for money. Again, I understand David’s reaction but the least he could have done was make sure Tracy got back to Emmerdale safely and listened to the entire story before storming out of the room. I am enjoying Tracy getting a storyline that is emotional and deep on so many levels, Amy is doing a wonderful job! A huge round of applause to her and all those involved in the storyline so far.

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Seeing Ross jump everytime the door opens is heartbreaking, to think someone as tough and strong-willed as him is scared of who comes through the front door. He must be going absolutely out of his mind worrying about whether his attacker is still out there or not. I genuinely like Pete and Rhona together, I love that she has a kind heart, it fits well with Pete’s character. Ross defacing Moses’ picture was so sad! I think the picture was meant to help Ross see that Moses still sees him as perfect, Pete also. I still hope someone comes along to help Ross remember himself and that, in time, he will come to know others who have been victims of attacks. This may be wishful thinking on my part but I am sure whatever Emmerdale does they’ll do it justice.

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Lucky and Belle being talked into starting a microbrewery isn’t something I expected to happen. I wonder if it will be a nonstarter for them or will anything actually come of it. Let’s just say I won’t hold my breath.

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Remember tomorrow is a special collaboration post between @Kingsugden, @Easiteoaks and myself for the Robron reunion!

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