Liv is heading quicker than Aaron realizes down the same path he did, like his loved ones, he must feel powerless to help. Today in history it happened, I didn’t think I would ever agree with Alex on something but he is right, Liv needs to let Aaron in. even if Aaron doesn’t know exactly what to do to help he can at least be someone Liv can go to when she needs to, also Robert, when he and Aaron are back together. Alex may have some nice insight into what it is like to deal with being bullied and coming out, same as Aaron but at the end of the day, it still doesn’t make me change how I feel about their relationship or him for that matter. I am glad Aaron cares about what his sister is going through it shows a great deal of maturity and how far he has come in the years since he came out. I look forward to seeing more of Liv and Aaron connecting on different levels, they are poised to become the strongest set of siblings on Emmerdale, next to Vic and Robert.

02-20_LIV2(Picture ITV)

“God help anyone who tries to come between me and you” Aaron is the coolest sibling ever, not only did he handle the conversation with Liv perfectly, he made sure she knew that no matter what he would always be there for her. I remember having a similar conversation with my older brother when I came out to him a year ago, it is what helped me deal with everything that happened after I went public. I do wonder if Aaron’s words are going to play a part later on in Liv’s storyline? Alex maybe? Kids at school? Who knows but whatever happens Liv and Aaron (and Robert) are in this together! Well and truly, I weep for anyone who tries to come between not only Aaron and Liv but Roblivion!

02-20ALEX(Picture ITV)

David’s reaction to the video Phil sent wasn’t altogether surprising but it isn’t going to help Tracy feel comfortable with coming clean to David that she is the one in the video. I can’t imagine how hard this much be on Tracy, someone who had to do what she did to survive getting blackmailed by some twisted neanderthal. Again, I really want to smack that disgusting mustache off Phil’s face, blackmailing someone for £1000 is ridiculous and not creative whatsoever. Although I am glad Frank suspects that Tracy isn’t fine, more so than David who is now taken in by the potential to win an award. I understand why Tracy would go so far as to steal from her father as she thinks it is the only way to save herself and her marriage.

02-20_ED1(Picture ITV)

I am glad to see that in the end, she didn’t give him the money, as I don’t think she is responsible for anything that happened in Phil’s life. The question now remains, will she sleep with him or devise a plan to ensure her own safety. I enjoy getting to see Amy Walsh really digging deep into the story and seeing her ever-expanding acting skills. I can’t wait to see what Tracy is going to do next, whatever it is Amy will kill it on screen! Also, loving how Frank has begun to step up and become a father to both Tracy and Vanessa. I was unsure about him for a while but he has managed to win my heart, may he long continue to do the right thing.

02-20_ED2(Picture ITV)

Ross discharges himself as he tries to find the person who attacked him, I would say he has reached the anger stage in the grieving process for his old life. How long will he spend on that stage remains to be seen? I’m frustrated at Debbie now who is doing anything she can to avoid being caught and skirt blame. Ross is hellbent on making someone pay for what was done to him, it is sad to see that he thinks he is no longer worthy because of his face being distorted. The part where Ross was standing at the door trying to decide whether to leave or not really got to me, as someone who has done the same thing several times. There are many times when others don’t quite understand what it means to not be able to leave home through fear or anxiety, something Ross really hasn’t had to deal with until now. Whether it be for fear of being ridiculed or at facing his attacker again, Ross already has well and truly cut himself off from the rest of the world.

(Picture ITV)

At the end of the day, this is an interesting arc to his character, one that I am all for, as long as it continues to be done right and given justice.  I really hope this storyline has Ross encounter other victims of attacks who have managed to find their way back to the light and who see themselves as beautiful again. It would be a really important message that Emmerdale could send to the world that beauty is not skin deep and no matter what happens in our lives we have the potential to get through it. If anyone can handle the pains of being attacked it is Ross, he just doesn’t know it yet.

Chas and Paddy together and happy, for now, as per the typical soap couple story; we know she is set to find out she is pregnant soon. I am not sure what Paddy has in store for Chas’ birthday present, my immediate reaction was something to do with Spice Girls but I doubt that is right. I really hope it isn’t a curry dinner, I can think of a thousand other things that would be better gifts than a curry.

02-20_CHAS-PADDY(Picture ITV)

I posted yesterday that Bex really has been taken down a notch in the spoiled brat category but wow are her random personality changes intense. I have a sneaking suspicion that she won’t be able to take care of Seb, her snapping at him for waking up was a bit much. Needless to say, it sparked my radar and has me thinking about the things to come. Move on and live good lives is what Bex thinks is right, I suppose her attitude towards her father and sister’s death is to be expected. Anger is one way of not having to deal with one’s true feelings after all.  I sort of feel like Bex’ time is limited on the show mostly because of her ever-increasing instability both physically and mentally. Whatever happens, I really hope it happens sooner rather than later.

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Another good episode from the team at Emmerdale!

More Soon!




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