It seems like a full-circle moment for Aaron and Chas as they try to figure out how to help Liv who was humiliated during her 16th birthday party. I enjoy Gerry as he has a kind heart, I love seeing him in the village. Although buying Liv alcohol is only going to add to the issues here, she doesn’t need to be drinking. She is headed down a dark path if she does what Aaron did and bottles it. I hope in time she and Aaron can have a good conversation about how, whatever her sexuality is,  he supports her and there’s nothing wrong with her. Isobel is doing a fantastic job so far, she is a bright young actress, she’s killing it! I think this story is important, a huge round of applause for these young actors/actresses who are tsking on this story.

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Go on Bernice let your spoiled daughter have it! I am still gobsmacked at how Gabby could be so vindictive as to ruin one of her only mate’s birthday party. Jacob is right, Gabby has no cause to be walking around like someone did her wrong. She knew full well what she was doing, she doesn’t get to cry about it now. I hope I’m not the only one who didn’t buy Gabby’s poor attempt at an apology. As of now, there isn’t anything Gabby could do to make things right, she made her bed now she has to lie in it.

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Ross has given up, one of the hardest things to watch and it breaks my heart. As an audience we aren’t used to him being so quiet and reserved, something is coming I can feel it! Pete is doing all he can to be a support system for Ross, for the love of all that is holy let him help you, Ross! I can’t say I’m not surprised at Ross’ outburst to Pete about wishing their mum had shot him instead of Finn. I know he doesn’t mean it but wow it was difficult to watch Pete’s eyes well up. “You can say what you want to me but I still love you bruv” Pete you’re one of the sweetest people ever and completely understanding.

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Rebecca has certainly been given a very crappy deal, it is interesting to see Emily play a very different side to her character’s overly confident and spoiled nature. While the circumstances are not the most ideal for Robert and Bex to be under the same roof there really are no reasons to be even remotely concerned about them. Whatever happened between them is over, Robert has moved on from wanting to get any form of payback or turn back into his old self, thanks to him wanting to be a good father. Bex is clearly in no fit state to be a mum right now, the jury is still out on whether she will ever be able to take care of Seb. I’m not holding my breath though.

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Phil, I don’t like you and your false charm! Phil blaming Tracy for the fact he lost his job is appalling, it is on him for becoming obsessed with her as she clearly couldn’t stand being with him in the past. She clearly states that she had to get blind drunk to even do what she did with him, that says a lot about both Tracy and Phil. Tracy wants to put her past behind her, move on with her life and live it. There is nothing wrong with that, I hope Phil gets what’s coming to him.

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Loud and clear for those in the back: just because someone was/is a prostitute does not mean it is ok to force them to have sex with you! Tracy’s past, whatever she had to do to survive, has no bearing on her future. I understand why she doesn’t want to tell David, considering he could react either way but telling him is better than letting Phil blackmail her for his sick twisted game!

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In other news David had a mullet, I demand photos!

Goodbye Sandy and a fond farewell to Freddie Jones, Thank you for being a part of the Emmerdale family! Forever in our hearts!

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More soon!

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