I was not a happy camper watching tonight’s show mostly because of what Gabby did and seeing Ross in such a state. 

Gerry seems to fit in well with the Dingles, he has been a nice addition to the village, considering the weird way he was introduced, I didn’t think I would like him. While there isn’t anything that is going to convince me that Aaron and Alex are meant to be, I get that we have to go through this in order to get to the reunion next week. This is awkward, to say the least, it is obvious that Aaron has no idea how to help Alex with what is going on at work. Aaron doesn’t want to put forth the effort either, and pretending to care has got to be getting old. Plus I have my own suspicion about Alex’s intentions. If it were Robert Aaron would know exactly what to say to make him feel better, you can’t buy chemistry and love. With that being said, Chas, it’s time to butt out of your son’s life, like with last night Aaron gets defensive and puts his walls up. Time for Aaron to be a bit more selfish and start going after what he wants.

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I didn’t think I could hate Gabby more than I already did, after tonight’s episode I was proven wrong. I don’t think I have seen someone as self-centered and vindictive as Gabby, at least in recent years. Apart from getting drunk and desperately needing to have a boyfriend, her serious lack of understanding of what Liv is going through annoys the hell out of me. I appreciate Jacob wanting to be there for Liv, even if he doesn’t understand the situation himself, his support may help her in the long run.

Back to Gabby, taking an opportunity to publically shame Liv during her birthday of all times is a new low point for Gabby Under no circumstances should Gabby have told anyone that Liv kissed her, that isn’t her secret to tell. I can imagine the next few months are going to be difficult for Liv but I am confident that Aaron (and Robert) will support her throughout her journey.

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I really like the nurse who has been taking such good care of Ross, her bedside manner is wonderful and probably one of the few people Ross is willing to let in at the moment. Pete deserves huge kudos for sticking by Ross, as he mercilessly screams at Pete trying to cover his own uncertainty. While I dislike Debbie very much right now, I love Charley Webb’s acting and honest portrayal of her Emmerdale counterpart.  Sometimes the best of intentions be the most destructive for those involved, this certainly applies to tonight’s episode. That was hard to watch, Moses not going to Ross, Ross losing it and Debbie falling to bits. Whatever little progress Ross had made since being in the hospital is all but undone now. If this goes the way I think it is going to go, Ross will soon go into a shell and cut himself off from the rest of the world, thinking that he would rather be miserable and alone than have others look at him or meet his attacker again. It all sounds very Beauty and the Beast esque, the question is will Ross’ princess come along and save him before it’s too late? Or will he save himself?

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Elsewhere in the village, Eric has finally returned home as he soon discovers someone has been staying at the B&B in his absence. I appreciated how well he handled the situation after finding out Zac and Lisa have been squatting at Eric’s house in his absence. There is a heart underneath all of that fierce morality Eric holds so close to his being. I genuinely enjoy Faith and Eric together, they balance each other out in a unique way that they need if they are ever going to keep a relationship.

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Sandy has a decision to make as Maisie takes off for Australia. A simple yet emotional scene between Sandy, Laurel, and Arthur tonight. I think for Sandy if he leaves Emmerdale it will be the final way to let go of Ashley and finally say goodbye to him. I am sure Ashley would want him to go enjoy life and do whatever he can with however much time he has left. Thanks to Laurel and Arthur who drove like the wind to get Sandy to the airport after he missed Maisie leaving in a taxi. Our time with Sandy and Freddie Jones is almost up, my heart is sad but I am thankful for the time we got to have on screen with such an iconic character and actor.

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Tracy is right not to trust Phil, he makes my skin crawl just as much as Tracy’s. I know Phil has ulterior motives when he asks David to go to a football match, it is too perfectly timed to not be for a bigger reason. I don’t even know what Phil has planned to do to Tracy and I already want him to get his comeuppance, I only hope he does. I am ready to see what happens next week!

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Thank you for reading as always! A huge shoutout to the entire cast of Emmerdale as they continue to bring forth amazing stories, acted in the most amazing ways possible!

Thank you @eastieoaks for allowing me to post on your blog!

More Soon!

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