Bob and Laurel are still pursuing this “affair” it seems, but now that Brenda is in the clue what will happen now that she has decided to set a date for their wedding? I honestly don’t blame Brenda for wanting to leave Bob, it must make her feel terrible to know her husband wants to spend more time with Laurel than her. Brenda is one of the characters that I feel doesn’t deserve this at all. I believe Laurel and Bob are better suited as friends, after everything that has happened recently Laurel needs some support, something other than this. Maybe we could have that cute nurse come back and sweep Laurel off her feet, now that would make for a cool storyline. In comes Harriet to save the day, she should get some kind of award for being the voice of reason in the village.

03-02_LAUREL_BOB(Picture ITV)

I love everything about Graham having to watch what is going on in the cabin, he seems to loathe what he is doing. Part of me thinks he secretly likes hearing all about tummy time. I wonder what part Graham is going to play in the events that are unfolding, he has already spoken out against Joe’s plan to hang Jimmy out to dry. Let’s hope he sees sense and makes a move before it is too late, Joe’s vendetta isn’t worth others getting hurt and their lives ruined.

03-02_GRAHAM(Picture ITV)

Aaron and Robert are one of the cutest couples I have seen in many years, apart from Wilson on DAYS, thankfully they are back together for good. I know Robert is trying to play down what is going on with Rebecca to prevent anyone from getting upset about the awkward situation they’ve found themselves in, but it isn’t helping. It has been nice to see Aaron right by Robert’s side as he fumbles through being a dad to one of the cutest babies I have seen on screen.

03-02_AARON_ROBERT(Picture ITV)

I am glad Vic is finally telling Robert and Aaron what has been going on with Bex, even if it is something as little as leaving the door unlocked while home, it is still a clear sign that Bex isn’t coping well. As if that wasn’t enough Bex tries to feed Seb milk that is boiling hot, which can injure him significantly. This shouldn’t rest solely on Vic’s shoulders either, she is right Robert needs to step up and do his part. Vic deserves more than caring for her nephew, give her a really juicy storyline or maybe have her be Ross’ princess. There wasn’t much in the way of development with this storyline today, other than Robert, Bex, and Seb going to Eliza’s birthday party. Bex seemed almost normal while she was there but her moments of unsteadiness are increasing, as is her violent outbursts. Next week we see her attack Joe at Home Farm, I am curious how much further her moments of extreme anger are going to go? Is someone else going to get hurt and how long until she is finally taken to a safe place? It is abundantly clear that Bex needs more help than others are able/willing to provide.

03-02_Robecca(Picture ITV)

I think Cain may have overreacted at Faith and Eric walking in on Moira and him trying to have sex. I had quite a nice laugh at that, especially knowing how open Faith is about her own love life. I feel my reaction would be much like Cain’s if I were in that situation, there is no way I would be able to “carry on” after my mum walked in on me or anyone for that matter.

03-02_COIRA(Picture ITV)

I knew David wasn’t going to be fine with Tracy’s past, it was too good to be true, but he is doing a fine job of making himself look like a nitwit. As far back as I can remember adults have had their own alcoholic beverages at kids parties, the only difference is they don’t drink to excess. I think some of David’s emotions are misplaced, he is aiming them at Tracy when he should be at himself. He is the one who went to see Leyla and who is doing something he shouldn’t be doing. Tracy doesn’t deserve the blame for being a prostitute to survive, it isn’t like she asked to have a difficult life. I hope this gets fixed but I won’t hold my breath because it is bound to get worse before it gets better.

03-02ED2(Picture ITV)

I really love Rishi, he is one of my faves, thankfully he is there for Priya but I feel he needs to step in and get her the help she needs. Anger can be a fickle thing if it goes untreated someone could end up getting hurt badly. I appreciate Priya being civil with Pete after having her wires crossed so quickly earlier this week. The first thing Priya should have done was tell Jai what happened with Eliza, now that he has seen the bruises things are sure to get more intense.03-02_ED1(Picture ITV)

As ever the cast is doing a brilliant job, so much is about to happen!

Happy Anticipation



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