I am curious if Gabby is capable of doing something other than complaining? Every time she appears on screen it is to complain about some sort of made up injustice done to her, I am ready for her to grow up a bit. I may be a bit out of the loop having grown up in the states but the amount of effort Liv and Gabby have put into getting alcohol is insane. You’d think by now they would have learned to spend their time doing something a bit more constructive, like going to school. On another note, I really love Bernice and Daz together as Daz is one of my favorite characters. I am glad he can see right through her manipulation, Gabby needs to be held accountable for her actions. I really want Liv to stand up to Gabby and end their friendship or get her some kind of help. At this rate, Liv is going to end up in prison for something Gabby has done.

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I really love Victoria’s heart, while I think she deserves her own awesome storyline, I’ve liked seeing her in this, she is one of the few who has the potential to reach Bex. By now it is clear Rebecca is doing everything in her power to hang onto who she was before the crash, it is sad she will never be the same. The sooner she realizes that and accepts it the sooner she can move on to taking care of herself. She isn’t fit to take care of Seb and hopefully does the right thing in giving him to Aaron and Robert.

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Robert jumping down Joe’s throat and threatening him was everything, although I wanted Joe to get punched, there will be more chances for that to happen. I really wonder who is going to come out on top when this whole Joe vs Robert thing comes to a head, although if Graham does what I think he will then Joe will be firmly in the losing category. Robert is right, Joe is pathetic and whimpy! Ryan’s comedic timing is always on point!

Thank goodness Aaron was there before the house became any more filled with smoke or Seb could have been seriously hurt. Again, I may be in the minority but I am glad they are all banding together to get Rebecca help, she really needs it. Whatever fears I may have had about her and Robron have pretty much vanished the more Rebecca reverts to a childlike form. Executive dysfunction isn’t something I know a lot about but I do know the likelihood of recovering from a head injury that severe is slim to none. I had a friend who crashed his motorcycle doing 120 mph he suffered a horrific brain injury. As a result, he loses time as well as many memories. It is difficult to watch a person go through the stages of what is essentially losing your mind. I still think Rebecca’s time on the show is limited but we shall see what happens in the coming days and weeks.

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It is time for Faith to swallow her pride and tell Eric she needs a place to live, there is no use hiding it. I love them as a couple, as opposites, they balance each other out well. Awe Eric wants Faith to move in, I love that he enjoys being with her that much. Faith happens to be one of my favorite additions to the show she may be uncanny but her heart is always in the right place. Now that Eric and Faith have gotten that miscommunication sorted time for them to move in and on with their relationship!

I am super proud of Tracy’s perseverance so far in this storyline if only David got his head out of his butt a bit sooner things could be remarkably different for them both. I love Eric’s support of Tracy, I think it is what she needs, to feel supported.

Vanity, one of my favorite ships on Emmerdale. At one point I disliked Charity immensely, I am glad a lot of that has changed and I can enjoy her again. Oh, I enjoyed that scene in the backroom of the Woolie! I didn’t think foreplay would include talking about constipation medicine for animals but that just happened.

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Aplogies for the delay in reviews I was ill for over a week.

More Soon!

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