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First broadcast in February 1985, EastEnders is now a treasure of the small screen.

Set in London’s East End, it charts the emotional highs and dramatic lows of life in the close-knit community of Albert Square, in the fictional borough of Walford. Renowned for its brave writing, challenging storylines, and powerful performances, the gritty drama has established itself as a British cultural icon, reflecting the complexity and diversity of UK society over an impressive lifespan.

In the very first episode

Den, Ali and Arthur break into Reg Cox’s flat and find him unresponsive in his chair in his dingy flat.

Who is who as EastEnders goes back to the start?

Den Watts and Angie Watts

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Den and wife Angie Watts run the local boozer “The Queen Vic” and it is here that from the very first episode you’ll see many love affairs, fires, and fights.

Pauline and Arthur Fowler

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As the show begins we learn Pauline is pregnant which only adds to an out of work Arthur’s stresses “nobody wanted his dinky” as Lou Beale claims.

Nick Cotton

(Picture BBC)

Nick Cotton right from the start was a racist bigot making trouble for various members of the square even giving us the first pub punch-up when he fought with Ali Osman.

Ethel Skinner

(Picture BBC)

Ethel was the square gossip with a love of “the good old days” frequently seen debating local gossip with Lou Beale she was the Queen Vic cleaner.

Sue and Ali Osman

(Picture BBC)

Sue Osman along with husband Ali own the local cafe and we learn from Episode one she isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

Ali finds himself on the wrong side of Nick Cotton and after one too many comments they come to blows.

Other residents

(Picture BBC)

Pete and Kathy Beale run the local fruit and veg stall.

Dr. Legg runs the surgery and it is he who gives Pauline the news of her pregnancy and later finds out the true cause of Reg Cox’s death.

Ian Beale has not become the business and ladies man he would go on to be.

Michelle Fowler hadn’t got herself involved with a as yet not-so-dirty Den.

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