Everyone loves a bad boy and it seems Phil is back to his old ways this week as he comes up agasint Keanu.

Oblivious to what happened with the gang, Phil takes Dennis out for the day but when Dennis sees some of the gang members, he rushes home leaving Phil confused.

At The Arches, Sharon thanks Keanu for his help; pleading with him not to tell Phil what happened with Dennis. Phil’s suspicions that Sharon is keeping something from him continue to grow and after he questions Keanu, he turns his attention to Karen who lets slip some of the details and gives him Dennis’ mended jacket.

(Picture BBC) Phil fires Keanu

Furious, Phil storms home with Keanu in tow and questions why he wasn’t told the truth. As Sharon admits she didn’t want him kicking off, Phil fires Keanu for getting involved.

16220410-low.jpg(Picture BBC) Phil is suspicious that Sharon is hiding something from him

As the argument continues, Keanu stands up for Sharon sending Phil into a rage.

If only Phil knew what Sharon was really up to, and with someone soon to get shot right now I’d hate to be where Keanu is.

EastEnders air this episode on Monday 27th August 8pm on BBC One.

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